Inside Back Cover - Advert: St. Ann's Gaelic College
ISSUE : Issue 46
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1987/8/1
The QaeCic College '' Cdtic Arts and Crafts '??S$ • ?psS??psS>S>S>S>SKP'S'' SUU9A.'L% SCOiOOL t July 5 to August 21 COURSES IN GAELIC LANGUAGE PIPE BAND DRUMMING BAGPIPE MUSIC HIGHLAND HISTORY AND FOLKLORE HIGHLAND DANCING AND SCOTTISH VIOLIN INSTRUCTION PROVIDED BY LEADING PROFESSIONALS FROM SCOTLAND AND CANADA f • THE GREAT HALL OF THE CLANS ) • CRAFT CENTRE ' • SCOTTISH TEAROOM ' • A DUTY PIPER ON THE GROUNDS r'PRE-MOD SPECIAL PERFORMANCES ' EACH TUESDAY NIGHT JUNE 16 TO AUGUST 4 DURING JULY AND AUGUST WE ARE OPEN 8 A.M. TO 8 P.M. 7 DAYS A WEEK TO 5WELCOME VISITORS' Located on the Cabot Trail ' 1km. North from Exit 11 on the Trans-Canada Highway] For further infomiation contact: The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts P. O. Box 9 Baddecit, Nova Scotia BOE 1 BO Phone (902) 295-3411 '/te 49tfi Annual GAT.LICMO'D August 3 to 8 ' SUNDAY Gaelic Church Service 2:00 pm MONDAY Competitions: Pipe, Daim, Pipe Band 9:00 am I Official Mod Opening 7:30 pm , TUESDAY Competitions: Highland Dancing 9:00 am Milling Frolic 7:30 pm J WEDNESDAY Competitions: Highland Dancing 9:00 am ' Barra MacNeils in Concert 7:30 pm J THURSDAY Competitions: Gaelic 10:00 am Fiddlers' Ceilidh 7:30 pm FRIDAY Youth Salute 2:00 pm Highland Ball 9:00 pm SATURDAY Clan Gathering Scottish Variety Concert CLOSING CEREMONIES OF THE INTERNATIONAL GATHERING OF THE CLANS 'fViVfiniVAi>iiAiVV>'>'>'' COKE SPECIAL' COKE SPECIAL 6 PACK FOR $2.49 -??C PLUS ' TAX No extra money... No coupons... * While supplies last Right now, you may purchase 6-300 ml coke for $2.49* or less when you buy 30 litres or more of Gasoline at participating Esso Dealers. You make us bettier.
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