Page 3 - A Visit with Nan Morrison, Baddeck
ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
OBITUARY NOTICE: "Death of Mrs. Ur? quhart: There passed to her eternal reward on the 16th of Sep? tember, 1923, Mrs. Alexander Urqu? hart, of French River, aged 91 years. A life beautifully spent, the Christian work was to her an in? finite reality, and she was, in a word, a rare exam? ple of spiritual womanhood, re? flecting the light of the knowledge of God. A mother in Israel, having spent the last fifty years of her life, laboring faithfully and successfully among the people of North Shore as a mid-wife nurse, she obey the call in receiving into this world upwards of 300 souls....He] ander Urquhart, predeceased her five years ago. He was an elder of th( for over 40 years." fi l'umB''W'WMk'mr was always prompt to ?? husband, Mr. Alex- 1 Presbyterian church Mary MacDonald Urquhart was born at Indian Brook, 1831. She was over 90 when she delivered her last baby, Grace MacLeod. Two months later she assisted a doctor at another birth. She is buried at Riverview Cemetery, French River. While midwifery is not mentioned, the stone reads: "This Table Is Erected By The Women Of North Shore To The Memory Of MARY Wife Of Alex Urquhart As A Slight Token Of Her Many Acts Of Kindness...." lose the vitamins out of their food, or something. It doesn't do them any good when they're like that. They're not being built up. My grandmother used to come out--those years they used to help one another all the time, you know. And if my mother was put? ting blankets on the loom, she was out to set the loom with her. Everything that was to be done, she was there to help them -- all the women that were married to her sons. She was helping from house to house; she'd go and help them. (The women who were related to her.) Through marriage. Like, my mother was married to one of her sons. She'd come and help anybody that was weav? ing or spinning or carding. They always used to have spinning frolics. , The women would come from away up Breton Cove--walk down with spinning wheels on their shoulders--to the houses, to spin. They used to do all their own blankets and everything like that. It didn't cost them anything, you know. Everybody gave to one another. They all had frolics. Same way with cutting the wood for the winter. The N ARDOCCHIO GeDDES AUTO SALES hyutidpii 3rd Anniversary Our sincere thanks to our many friends and customers who made this day possible. May 14, 1984: We opened our doors. Very few had heard of our car. Very few could pronounce its name. Three years later we opened our new spacious showroom, and we continue to be the leader in import car sales. If you are not yet a Hyundai owner, we look forward to introducing you to the best buy in Canada, ' • ?'l (3)
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