Page 8 - A Visit with Nan Morrison, Baddeck
ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
sleigh over. So he came over on the mail sleigh, thinking that we could get back on the mail sleigh again. (But) there were two sleighs of mail coming that day, 'cause there hadn't been any mail for two or three days on account of the drift ice. So when we got to Big Bras d'Or, across from New Harris, they got the mail on the sleigh-- there was no room for me on the sleigh, or for Angus, either. So I started with the 2 crutches, crossing the drift ice. And it was about 10 o'clock in the morning, and the sun was very strong. And it was melting the drift ice, you know, there was so much salt in it. It was melting the ice, and my crutches were going down. But Angus came behind me every time, and he'd lift me up and start me off again. (Going through the ice?) They wouldn't go right through it, but you know drift ice, how thick it is. The crutches were going down. (Into the ice.) Yes. It was melting. So when we got to the other side, we got in his sleigh, and headed for home here. (Wait a minute now. You just walked across the Bras d'Or, near where the Seal Island Bridge is, on drift ice.) Yes. (Were you DAN ALEX MACLEOD ENTERPRISES LTD. Suppliers of Lobster Trap Material Sills * Bottom Laths * Laths * Door Cleats in both Softwood and Hardwood "Service with a Smile!" Phone 884-2794 Stirling, R. R. 1, Gabams, Cape Breton afraid?) I can't tell you how I felt. I can't tell you. I always believed that there was somebody with you. In this house, sometimes I'm af? raid to laugh out loud, if anything hap? pens, for fear that somebody'11 hear me. I don't feel ever alone. Does that sound odd? (It sounds unusual. It doesn't sound odd. When you say "somebody"--I thought first you meant, God is there.) That's exactly what I mean. Somebody stronger than myself. (Not another person.) No. (Nor the ghost of another person.) No. (God himself.) Well, it must be. (So that gave you courage to do this?) It just--I didn't have any fear. I didn't have any fear. I was home a couple of weeks, I guess, looking after (my brother). He was in the living room at home, in a bed. And they had no stove in there. The windows had to be open, for him to get his breath. And I was sitting in the room all night with a fur coat on me--my uncle's fur coat--around me. He was in his pyjamas and bedclothes. But see, he wasn't cold at all. He didn't mind it. He must have had a fever. So, it was about 2 weeks, we had to go back again. The doctor (Dr. MacMillan) was in one sleigh, and my brother in the other one, and I was in the last sleigh. To the hospital in North Sydney. Three teams. And when we got to Big Bras d'Or--to New Har? ris- -it was John Alex John X. that was driving one sleigh. He was the head sleigh. Ashby Nurseries Your Prestige Florist for Quality and Service "Can on us for free consultation to make your wedding perfect!" Plummer Ave. .. NEW WATERFORD M 862-3374 m Tourist Brochures 6e Colour Printing A Specialty PRINTERS, 180 TOWNSEND STREET, SYDNEY, N. S. TELEPHONE (902) 564-8245 OUALmr SOFT OnNKS SINCE 1905 AT THE PRICE THAT REFRESHES Pop Factory I Ron McKinlay &Sons; Ltd. A COMPtETE UNE OF FARTv SUPPUES 262 BR(X)KSIDE 849-6644 GLACE BAY Cape Breton Health Unit '' Asks You to "Stay a Winner-Don't Smoke!" Department of Health For information about harmful effects on yourself, your friends, and your baby, contact your local Health Unit office: ARICHAT BADDECK CHETICAMP GLACE BAY INVERNESS MARGAREE NEIL'S HARBOUR 226-2944 295-2159 224-2410 849-4566 258-2 lOOext. 134 248-2198 336-2295 NEWWATERRDRD PORT HAWKESBURY PORT HOOD ST. PETERS SYDNEY SYDNEY MINES 862-2204 625-1693 787-3302 535-2026 564-4447 736-6245 • Dental Health Services • Public Health Inspection • Prenatal Classes • Health Education • Nutrition Infonnation (8)
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