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ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
P'*' 8U 2I iJince 1977 the federal and provincial governments have invested more than $125 million in forest management programs to improve the productivity of Nova Scotia's woodlands. In Cape Breton the benefits of these efforts have reached into almost every conamiiinity. To date, some 1,500 landowners have signed woodlot management plans detailing what silviculture work they should do to improve productivity. Many have formed companies or co-operatives to manage their forest land. Five such group ventures are: Baddeck Valley Woodproducers Co-op Ltd. (#1 on Map), North Inverness Forest Management Ltd. (#2), Denysdale Wood Producers Co-op Ltd. (#3), Celtic Isle Forestry Ltd. (#4), and Route 223 Forest Management Co-op Ltd. (#5). Today 55 silviculture crews employ some 350 trained woodsworkers to thin crowded forest stands, plant trees, and to prepare budworm-damaged stands for reforestatiom. At Lands and Forests' Strathlorne Forest Nursery in Inverness County, local workers are producing top quality seedlings to help restore the vitality of the forest. And, each year Stora Forest Industries continues to expand its forest improvement program throughout eastern Nova Scotia. Together, hundreds of Cape Bretoners are actively rebuilding their forest resource and securing a future for the industries and families who depend upon it. KEEP ns TOUCH WITH FOREST TIMES This free 12-16 page illustrated newsletter the forests of Nova Scotia. Published six happening in the woods i TIMES regularly, write tt FOREST TIMES
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