Page 34 - Austin Roberts' Second World War
ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
said, said, "Have you no brains at all?" And we "No, sir." Then he looked all around and he said, "You know, when I came to this camp," he said, "I intended to kill every goddamn one of you." He said, "I planned on working you to death. But I'm going now." And he said, "I'll say before I go," he said, "you're a tough bunch of bastards!" And he got down off his stand and went away. And the Canadians are a tough bunch of bas? tards. You can say what you like. We got caught on Christmas of 1941. Christ? mas of 1942, we were saying, "Well, we'll get out in the spring." Christmas of '43, we were saying again, "We'll get out in the spring." Christmas of '44 came along: "Well, we'll get out in the spring." We got out in the fall of '45. But the last day we were there, we were in camp--same as usual--I tell you, now, the bugle would blow for "Up!" and so on and so forth. The bugle blew this morning. Got up. Blew for the fellows to go for breakfast, to get the breakfast. They went and brought it back. And the bugle blew for "Get ready for work." We got all set, and ready to go to work. And nothing happened. Waited for the other bugle to blow, and waited and waited and waited and waited. Didn't blow. So somebody said, "Let's open the door and look." And a fellow said, "Yeah, sure. You want to get your head shot off, you open her!" We sat there and sat there and sat there, and some fellow said, "Well, I'm go? ing to peek, anjrway. I'm going to have a little peek." He opened the door enough to peek out, and he said, "There's something wrong." "What's the matter?" "Not a guard in sight. Not a guard anywhere." Another fellow said, "Can you see the tower?" He VICTORIA COUNTY Is a Year 'Round Joy! Whether it's Winter Alpine and Cross-Country skiing, a Summer sailing regatta, or driving and hiking through the Autumn- we Invite you to join us. Explore a wealth of trails and slopes, for cross-country or downhill skiing, snowshoeing, or walking. Get together with friends at suppers and dances. Share in the warmth of our communities, and enjoy our winter in all its beauty. "ClAD MILE FAILTE" '''"or One Hundred Thousand V/elcomes ':'. VICTORIA COUNTY The Warden, Councillors, and Residents Take time to meet ttie people of Victoria County. And Plan to Return for Summer 1988 I We invite you to make Victoria County the centre of your Cape Breton ?? summer holiday. Hiking, swimming, and goifing-motels or camping-music I and dance-Victoria County is a world to explore. The Cabot Trail. The 50th I Nova Scotia Gaelic Mod: August 7-13 at The Gaelic College, St. Ann's. I Cape Breton Highlands National Park, lona's Highland Village Day: J August 6. And Much More. Plus Victoria County is an excellent base from I which to reach all other parts of Cape Breton Island. Enjoy Victoria County - We Do!
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