Page 15 - Mary Ann Beaton Makes Country Cheese
ISSUE : Issue 9
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/10/1
whey drain back into the tub before putting the curds into a metal bucket. Then she put a metal strainer, a colander, into the sink and dumped the curds in to drain further. She said that years ago they would hang the curds in a cloth and press* the sides to help get the whey out. She doesn't collect the whey or make any use of it.) I find the best way is to put it in the strainer and let it sit there perhaps two or three hours. Then all the whey runs out of it. (To test it, she pressed a little on top after half an hour to see how much whey would rise* Sometimes she turns the curds over in the colander. The longer it drains the better. If you put it in the press with a lot of whey in it, when you take it out of the press the cake will crack.) Sometimes it takes longer than others. You know by the feel of it. You let the whey drain out and then it's pretty dry. You can feel it with your hands, if the curds are soft or kind of dry* And then i*'s easier to salt and put in the press. Genuine Down East Hospitality Keddy's Motor Inn 600 King's Road, Sydney, N.S. Phone 539-1140 • Telex 019-3517 LINCOLf MACAULAY'S ,? GARAGE BADDECK, N.S. Angel Manufacturing & Supply Co. Ltd For the Best in Heating and Supplies TROPICANA Restaurant & Lounge p. O. BOX 98 NORTH SYDNEY HOVA SCOTIA RW ttM SYDNEY SHOPPING MALL Prince Street, Sydney Restaurant Hours 11 AM - 11 PM Lounge Hours 11 AM - 1 AM TOP BANDS NIGHTLY CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE/15
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