Page 42 - "But we went out after mackerel"!"
ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
So we kept feeding him the fillets. And Lloyd got there. And we saved two whole fish, so that he'd have them for the hooks. He had all the gear all ready to go on the boat. (Lloyd has the license.) Oh, yeah. And he had the gear on the boat in case he would see one during crab fishing. The first thing he put out was an artificial squid. And for some reason the fish--he knew there was something different going on. He wouldn't come up near as high to the surface. Whether it was because of this ar? tificial squid or was it because of the different colour bottom--Lloy-d had a dif? ferent colour bottom on his boat. But he didn't seem to want to come up near as high. And it was only once in a while. And we thought. Well, this is it, you know, we're just not going to. So then, we had the two boats alongside each other. We gave Lloyd another mackerel. On another hook. And he put the mackerel over. And on the end of this line there was a steel cable first, and then a quarter- inch rope with 600 feet of play on it and a buoy on the end of it. So this time he came up and he took the baited hook--and he went. Soon as he did, he just darted. Soon as he got ahold of the hook in his mouth. And I'm telling you, he went. And he headed for deep water. We just let the 600 feet go in a matter of seconds. The buoy went out in the water--it's one of those big red balls--and there was spray coming from it. He was almost dragging the ball under. Just incredible. I doubt if we could have kept up to him with the boat. So we kept an eye contact on the ball all the time. He kept going and going and go? ing- -just going like hell out for deep wa? ter. Then after about half an hour you could see that he was slowing down. And we Serving Industrial Cape Breton and North Victoria Real Estate & Insurance - -- - - • "If you're thinking of selling your home, give us a call." p.'0. Box 96r>
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