Page 44 - "But we went out after mackerel"!"
ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
We called the buyer at Auld's Cove--and he said he'd be there right off the bat. (It was his first tuna this ' year.) And apparently that was the only truck that was there. He was as excited as we were. He was anxious to get it. He probably made more on it than we did. It was flown directly to Tokyo, that fish. There's individual cas? kets made for each fish. And they're packed with ice and put on a plane and sent. Sold on the Tokyo market probably the next morning. And I'll bet you it went for probably 40 or 50 dollars a pound in Canadian money. But that was the first one that came in on this shore- the last one that was caught was (Command? er) Hodgson, 35 years ago (in St. Ann's Bay, up off of Rocky Side). And he caught the record--and still holds the record--for the largest fish caught in a tuna dory with a 117-pound test (line). (How big was his fish?) 960. This is bigger than Hodgson's. Llovd Maclnnis. Breton Cove But his was caught with a 117-pound test line. In a dory. And apparently that still holds as a world record. Our thanks to Helen Thompson. Indian Brook. who called to tell us a tuna was landed. The only l
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