Page 67 - Bagpipe Tunes Transcribed by Paul Cranford
ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
BY ARTHUR SEVERANCE ARR. BY BARRY SHEARS Henry "Beag's" March Arthur composed 7 or 8 tunes, and here is a good example. He made this tune for his fa? ther. It's an original tune which rings true to the tradition. Thanks to Danny Maclntyre, Sydney, and Art Severance, North Fourchu, for help in notating the bagpipe grace notes. UUZZY& Featuring Fresh Seafood and Homestyie Cooking f $1.99 Tojckers' Special| Breakfast I Every Morning WE OPEN AT 7 A. M. Monday to Saturday 9 A. M. Sunday RESTAURANT OPEN till 11 P. M. LOUNGE OPEN till 2 A.M. Live Entertainment Thursday, Friday, and Saturday HOMESTEAD DINING 'shooters lounge • N Your Hosts: Brian & Sherri Musgrave GAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA 539-5247 SYDNEY RIVER Don't Miss Future Issues of Cape Breton's mag a z i n e SUBSCRIPTIONS 4 ISSUES IN CANADA 4 ISSUES (FOREIGN) $10.00 $11.00 BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE: (except Issues 2, 5,19, and 26) Issues 1 to 30 each $1.00 Issues 31 to 38 each $1.75 Issues 39 to 43 each $2.25 Issues 44 to 47 each $2.75 Fiddle Music On 3 Cassette Tapes Mike MacDougairs Tape for Fr. Hector (T) Mike MacDougall, violin, & Tim Donovan, guitar IN CANADA $6.00 (N.S. residents add $0.60 provincial sales tax) OUTSIDE CANADA $7.00 (U.S. currency, please) Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald House PartiesI and 78s @ Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs Dan R. MacDonald, Donald MacLellan, Theresa MacLellan, Dan Joe Maclnnis, Johnny Wilmot, & their accompanists IN CANADA $7.00 (N.S. residents add $0.70 provincial sales tax) OUTSIDE CANADA $8.00 (U.S. currency, please) (from home tapes made for friends, plus all the unavailable 78 records) IN CANADA $10.00 (N.S. residents add $1.00 provincial sales OUTSIDE CANADA $10.00 (U.S. currency, please) tax) SEND CHEQUE OR MONEY ORDER TO: Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON • BOC IHO Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson Paul Cranford Carol Kennedy JANUARY 1988 NOVA SCXJTIA
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