Page 77 - With Dan Angus Beaton, Blackstone: Farm Life, Dredging on the Great Lakes, and Tales
ISSUE : Issue 47
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/1/1
bottom and re-put it there again. It had to be made perfectly smooth. And I knew Mac? Dermid- -I worked with him long enough--and I knew he was one hell of a good man. I said, "What happened to Norman?" "Oh, he's in the hospital." All right. Went out. Took the dredge out. We set the dredge up. I said, "Where's the crib going?" All the big fellows were out there. "Run a catch anchor here, run a catch anchor there." I was just looking. I said, "Get the crib." They brought the crib. They were trying to put the crib with those catch anchors there. They'd never get it there. I didn't do anything. Stopped the whole thing. I was up at the levers--up above-- and I came down. I said, "Is this what you did before?" I said, "Were you fellows here when MacDermid was here?" "Yes." I said, "Is this the way you were doing it?" They said, "Yes." "Well," I said, "get the yacht. I'm going ashore. I'm going back to Detroit." I said, "MacDermid never would have lost the first one, if you'd have left him alone. But the way you fellows are doing it," I said, "we're going to lose this one and every one after. Now," I said, "if I'm First There is margaree windows And now there's LiWe Brother WINDOWS What's the Difference? Margaree Windows ?? Lifetime Warranty ?? Heavy Duty ?? Competitively Priced ?? Custom Finish ?? Superb Quality with 50% More Wood For more information cxintact us at:'"' margaree windows g) P.O. Box 691, '' Sydney, N. S. Bl P 6H7 f Little Brother Windows I One Year Warranty I Lightweight I Lowest Price on Market I Custom Finish I Competes with any Window • except Margaree!! SYDNEY 562-3220 HALIFAX 861-1500 AN EMPLOYEE-OWNED COMPANY called down here to put this here in," I said, "I'm going to put it in. And if you fellows are going to put it in, you fellows put it in. It's up to you." And Dick Good looked at me. He was the head man altogether. He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "I mean just that. I'm going to blow for the yacht, and I'm going ashore." Well, I could get a job--I was young. You understand? MacDermid was old. MacDermid couldn't get a job, but I could get a job anywhere. And Dick Good knew it. What Dick Good said to me: "What are you going to do?" I said, "Get the hell out of my way. You fellows, go in the cabin and sit down--the whole bunch of you. You're no good to me at all. Where's the engineer?" Called the en? gineer. I said, "You go down there with your transit, put me right on the line--the side of my rig right on the line. That's all I want." Okay. I moved right over. I just got it down, and- I put the anchor right on it. Pushed it right down into the hardrock. "Now," I said, "get your crib." And Dick Good was watching. Crib came alongside of me. "Now," I said, "put your transit on it." The transit was right on--right perfect. "Bring the rocks now, all of them." We sank the crib. And I just saved it, mister, when the storm started coming up. I started pil? ing onto it, piling onto it, piling onto it. It was getting dark. We worked over? time. Worked to beat hell. And if I was an- (Pel
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