Page 6 - Johnny Allan MacDonald of Enon
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
lar. Was it squared right up?) Squared right up. (Were the walls of the cellar just the dirt?) Oh, some of them. Some of them, wood. But they'd be preparing for to build a better house. But the one that was here, there was stone wall from the cellar up. (And then the first log would be right on that stone.) Yes. (The corners of the logs--can you remember how they put the corners together?) Oh, yes. They slapped them together, you know, they'd notch them down with an axe. Indeed, they didn't know very much about an axe, either, because they had no wood over there for to use an axe. Of course, I don't know where they got the axes--they got them somewheres. And they used to level them off and then plant the end of the logs, you know, together. There'd be a little stick- DRAFTEX ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING & DESIGN COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL DESIGN BLUEPRINTING & COPYING P. O. Box 250 100 Reserve Street Glace Bay, N. 8. B1A5V3 BILL WHITE Bus.: 849-5494 Res.: 862-7408 [gAHcraccHio' HYunoni [ciEDIDES 'Sb '' We sell cars that make sense. "GROWING TOGETHER TO SERVE YOU BETTER" OFFICIAL OPENING MAY 14,1984 MAJOR EXPANSION OCT. 1986 SALES REPRESENTATIVE GREG MacEACHERN RECEIVES SALES AWARD NO. 1 HYUNDAI SALESPERSON IN CANADA HYUNDAI, HERE TO STAY AND PROUD OF IT • Car manufacturing plant, Bromont, Que., 324 million dollar investment scheduled to open Dec. '88 • Parts warehouse, Richmond, B.C., opened May '88 • Parts manufacturing plant, New Market, Ont., opened April '88 • Head office and parts warehouse, Markham, Ont., opened July '87 HYUmSPII rSARDOCCHia Wfe sell cars that make sense. |'CJ El'dES / aiuj' 34 STATE STREET, SYDNEY * Phone 539-4711 ing out on both sides. But they'd take moss and--I think they called it "chinking"-- chinking between the logs, to keep the wind out, the storm. (As you'd look at the front of one of these log houses--looking right at the face of the house--how many windows and doors would you see?) There wouldn't be many windows, anjn'/ay, 'cause glass wasn't very plentiful in the early days. But a door--they used to have boards. They had what they call a rip? saw. You know, they'd build this stand, oh, so high, you know, so you could stand under it. And they'd put the log up on that stand. And they had a ripsaw. There'd be two men down below, and one above, taking the saw up, and the others ripping it down, you know. (Two would pull it down and one would take it up.) Yeah. Of course, the teeth weren't for cutting, pulling it up. But down, you know. So, that's the way they made boards. (And that's how the door was made.) Yes, out of boards. Boards they'd saw with the ripsaw. (Were boards used anywhere else in those log houses?) Oh, they might have been, in the floor. And soap wasn't very plentiful either, in those days. They used white sand for scrubbing the floor. (Some floors would be this cut board. What were some other floors made of?) Floors. Oh, made out of stone, slabs of stone. And I saw over in Scotland a house we were to, and it was all slab stone, the first floor. (If they had a cellar, what would hold the slabs of stone up?) Well, they'd have sticks--trimmers they called them--running across, you know. (And slabs of stone on top of that.) Yes. Home of the PEERLESS 'MAIOH. SHOWPLACE C'''S A Division of 'Cj>w y' Provincial Flooring Ltd. '"'V'' 400 GEORGE ST., SYDNEY p. O. Box 1660, Sydney, N. S. B1P 6T7 Telephone: 562-8453 You Are Welcome to Wandlyn for Your Meals or Overnight "'uberges" iUjmiDLvn! Inns Senior Citizei Discount 69 Air- Conditioned Rooms Fine Dining at Family Prices A Fully Licensed Dining Room featuring Fresh Seafood WANDLYN INN 100 King's Road, Sydney, Nova Scotia BIS 1A1 CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-561-0000 (Canada) 1-800-561-0006 (U.S.)
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