Page 20 - Jerry Hollard: Fathers and Son
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
And then there were parties, early '60s-- late '50s, early '60s--where Angus (Chi? sholm) had moved to Boston, and, I believe, stayed with Angus Gillis for a period of time. Where there were parties with (pia? nist) Mary Jessie MacDonald and Angus Gil? lis, Angus Chisholm, and so on. (And you would be at these parties?) I would be at these parties, as a child. And, I guess, was taken there to observe, and just over? all listen to what was going on, as far as Cheticamp, N.S. Oh, that was my pleasure, at that point, J if there was ' music in- r volved. (Obvi- p- ously, your 0 father's de- • _, termination J there, too.) I J think there ' was some seri- r ous determina- f tion there. • I too, that I'd • - be a fiddler, • T all right. At J least there J* was serious Marie Roach, P.O. Box 516, Cheticamp, N.& J* hope, an3nvay. BOE IHO (902) 224-3782 i-' (How old were Country - Bluegrass - Rock - Folk Fiddle and Newfoundland Music Largest selection of recorded music from the Atlantic Region available anywhere in Eastern Canada. Tap your toe to Cape Breton & Newfoundland Fiddle, Accordian & Folk Music, as well as other "Down East" presentations. Write or ask for our list of Newfoundland and Maritime music available by Mail Order. FREE COFFEE WHILE YOU SHOP TOURIST INFORMATION 2 miles south of Cheticamp, on the Cabot Trail S / s I : s i S I : you when you were taking the fiddle by yourself into your room, and you were prac? ticing, between times working with Dad?) I remember very little, actually. Usually, for the first couple of years. Dad was there to coax me on to practice. There were also little talent shows. At the age of 6 or 7, I did a nation-wide television show here in Canada--"The Don Messer Show." A'd if I remember right, I danced on that show. I can't truthfully remember whether I played the fiddle or not. (This dancing-- stepdancing?) Stepdancing, that's right. My dad also danced, and got me dancing as well. (Where is this man? Is he still living?) No. My dad passed away in 1981--January 23rd. He had an awfully big heart for music and so on. (He had you stepdancing, and-- did he get you on "The Don Messer Show"?) Don Messer's older brother, Roy, and my dad were very good buddies. They grew up in the approximate same vicinity, as young fel? lows. Don Messer has said himself that my dad, was one of the first fellows he ever heard play a tune correctly! And I guess Roy played, as well. I guess if he had tak? en the interest, so Don had said to my dad, that he would have maybe m'ade the better fiddler of the two brothers. I guess Don had the drive and everything to continue on with it, and so on. I guess Don was a few years younger than my dad. And where my dad had other interests as a young fellow--left home and worked in the lumber woods and JOIN THE GROWING FAI/IILY ... k WELCOME TO fNOUSnUALMMMC w* office & warefiouse space available ?/ railway & common user sidings available ?/ 2500' wharf-water depths 20' to 38' ?/ new all-weather highway access to Trans-Canada Highway << year-round harbour access i< 250 acres of fully serviced land • / 350 additional acres for large scale development ?/ new incubator mall ?' advantageous government assistance pro? grams (incl. Enterprise Cape Breton) • / land & buildings available for lease or sale m' narlr le on IrrfArnafinnal fro. ' land & buildings available for lease ' parl( is an international trade zone ' skilled stevedoring worl
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