Page 21 - Jerry Hollard: Fathers and Son
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
that sort of thing--that took him away from his home area, and just led a differ? ent life than the other chaps. (Your dad never went on the stage? Never played for dances?) Oh, he played for dances in that area. And then left and played house par? ties and dances in' the state of Maine, where he lived during one period of his life, and New Jer? sey as well, in clubs and that kind of thing. Not on a real heavy professional ba? sis. Like, it wasn't done to feed himself, that type of thing. It was done more out of pleasure and so on. (When did he teach you to stepdance?) Dur? ing that same period of time. I had quite an interest in dancing because this Angus Gillis, who we spoke of earlier, was a champion stepdancer. Now, I can't tell you where he competed, but I remember as a kid seeing different trophies that he had won for his dancing. And where Dad was quite a dancer in his time, wanted to see it passed on. And between him and this Angus, I learned quite a few steps and was able to perform earlier than maybe any kind of a violin performance. Yeah, I guess that's just the way you'd put it. They weren't very far apart. Yeah, it wasn't very far apart at all. I'd say within a year I was known maybe as well a fiddler as a dancer. And up until, oh, maybe 10 or 12 years ago, I was still known to some extent as a danc- liuzzy& Featuring Fresh Seafood and Homestyie Cooking WE OPEN AT 7 A. M. Monday to Saturday 9 A. M. Sunday RESTAURANT OPEN till 11 P. M. LOUNGE OPEN till 2 A. I/I. Live Entertainment Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 'N family dining 'shooters lounge Old-Fashioned Ceilidh Euery Saturday at 2 P.M.! CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA 539-5247 BrianlsK'Musarava SYDNEY RIVER Ron May Pontiac 147 Prince Street Sydney 539-6494 1 PONTIAC M CcNirinupus PtUjUlCtKWI Pnmi 1 KK PI Hawkesbury Pontiac GMC TRUCKS 46 Paint Street Port Hawkesbury 625-3280 FRONT END ALIGNMENT -- AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALISTS NEW & USED -- SALES -- SERVICE -- LEASING -- DAILY RENTAL
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