Page 22 - Jerry Hollard: Fathers and Son
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
er. Today, as you can see, I haven't danced since. My usual saying is, "I used to dance about 80 pounds ago!" (I think you could still do some dancing if you wanted to.) Oh, God. Oh, sure. And hopefully I'll be dancing real soon, because I've got a 3- year-old little man home that's just--he's itching to learn. I want to see that it's something that he wants to do, for sure, before I say, "All right, if you're gonna learn--we're gonna start, and you're gonna learn! Period!" ENJOY SOME LIGHT READING FROM NOVA SCOTLV POWER. Nova Scotia Power wants you to get the most for your energy dollar. That's why we've developed a series of informative booklets to help you make the right electrical decisions. And, we want you to have them. Simply check off which booklets are of particular interest to you and mail this ad to: Nova Scotia Power, Customer Service, P.O. Box 910, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2W5. Or, return it with your next electric service account payment. D Efficiency Plus • A consumer's guide to home systems and appliance maintenance n Water Heaters MAJOR APPLIANCES n Refrigerators D Electric Dishwashers n Electric Household Appliances n Electric Home D Electric Ranges D Laundry Equipment SPACE HEATING n Recommended Insulation Levels for Energy Efficiency SMALL APPLIANCES H pJ'SS'f r-i i7i • _.' • i'-''.i' LJ Electric Hot (Is there any truth that you can fiddle and stepdance at the same time?) That's cor? rect, yeah. I did that for years. That came about in a kind of an odd manner. I saw it done at one point. It was after I had started. I remember I was being told to go upstairs, for--I can't remember what reason at this point. And I was playing the violin at the time. And I went upstairs. And my dad was in the living room. And I came back down--I kind of made a trip for something, either going up or coming down the stairs-- I'm after forgetting-- still playing the violin, of all things. And Dad said to me, he said, "If you can do that, you should be able to do the two things at one time. Because you're going up? stairs at an odd timing, step timing, and still being able to control and manoeuvre the time that you set playing the fiddle." And with his en? couragement we started off, and that's what I ended up doing, was play? ing and dancing at the same time. It was quite an achievement! (Let me talk to you about it being an achievement. You're growing up at a time--well, you're 14 when you do your first stage performance at a dance. You played for a dance for Bill Lamey.) Rose Croix Hall, yeah. (That's 1969. That made me think of the Beatles earlier. The music that your friends--you must have been going to school.) Oh sure, oh sure. (And the music your friends were listening to--how much of it was fiddle?) Absolutely nothing! n Electric Kettles D Broiler Ovens n Slow Cookers D Electric Skillets Water Furnace D Heat Recovery Ventilator n Heat Pump POWERFUL ANSWERS n Controlling your Electric Heating System n Electric Radiant Heating Systems D Electric Baseboards D Household Electrical Safety n Electric Meters D Power Interruptions 07-12-87 nova scotia power Making Customer Service a Priority My sister, who is two years younger, maybe would have--and my feel? ings have always been-- she would have made the better fiddler of the two of us. No comparison. It seemed to come so easy to her in comparison to the way it came to me. She could pick it up faster. She was quicker in every manner. And just didn't have the interest. And at the same time she was headfirst into rock-and- roll, and whatever went
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