Page 30 - Jerry Hollard: Fathers and Son
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
the next group of shows, that had to be one of the tunes that was used in the shows. Even the cameramen were whistling the thing, and going around. It just caught on like wildfire. Which was great. And from there, I guess, was the incentive to continue on. There was enough enthusiasm and push and praise and so on, that inter? ested me enough to continue on with it. I'd have to say David (Maclsaac) was the biggest contributor to me composing stuff. I would ask his opinion on what he thought, if he liked it or didn't like it, and asked for his truthfulness. And I feel that he was fair in telling me what he thought. Which I muchly appreciated--and depended upon his truthfulness. I played a lot of A PART OF YOUR FAMILY FOR 25 YEARS I'ortiu'EtiedCaiichen CHICKEN CHALET LTD. FIVE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: SYDNEY SHOPPING MALL (564-6322) C. B. SHOPPING PLAZA, SYDNEY RIVER (564-6646) 2A STERLING ROAD, GLACE BAY (849-6689) 7 BLOWERS STREET, NORTH SYDNEY (794-3534) PLUMMER AVENUE, NEW WATERFORD (862-2111) these tunes, and got very little of a dif? fering opinion in what people would say. Not letting them know that I was the com? poser of a piece of music. In some cases I felt that they were just being kind, either thinking that there was a possibility that I either made it, or just complimenting me on the tune choice. It was only later, when other fiddlers that would express their cu? riosity and where a tune came from--that I made--or their wants to learn it--along with David's same feelings--that inspired me to continue on with it. (Paul Cranford: Have you talked about Mike MacDougall at all? Because you certainly have composed some in his style, tunes in honour of him.) Mike MacDougall was a fine man. One of the easiest men that you'd--to meet. And what I really mostly appre? ciated- -during the period of time that I met Mike: because of my appearance--I had beyond shoulder- length hair. I don't know if, at the time, I had a beard or not. I don't think I did. But anyway. Mike, as well as Gordon Cote, in meeting them, they looked beyond the length of my hair. As well as in a sense taking me under their wing, respecting me for what I was and not what I looked like, was the opening key for a very mean? ingful friendship. That, along with their music--in both cases, Gordon and Mike's. Which I real? ly, truly appreciated during that period of time. I was kind of like the outcast, be? cause of the length of my hair and so on. (Who outcasted you here in Cape Breton?) The older people didn't want, or couldn't seem to ac? cept, that I could have long hair and play at the same time, and have an un? derstanding of the music. A lot of them, I guess, figured I was just doing it for various reasons or whatever, and in some cases showed it, too, when in little ways ''keal??eakirom your ch(x'es with Kmtud'Bled Chicken! Kentucky Ried Chicken is a great reason for taking a break from any chores. Because it's so convenient. Always ready, you just pick it up. Add some of Colonel Sanders" tasty salads and golden brown French fries, and you've got the perfect reason to interrupt your yard-work, basement cleaning or window washing! Kentucky Fried Chicken is economical, too. And it's finger tickin... chicken! 30
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