Page 32 - Jerry Hollard: Fathers and Son
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
lot of cases, only that his overall style did something to a tune, that could be played by anybody else, wouldn't sound the same as the way he'd do it. Whether it'd be in his phrasing, or the lift or lilt. Wins? ton's music, to me, always sounded aggres? sive, or cocky. With the technical ability, under any influence, to show nothing but mastermanship. And his music sounded that way, to me. Like, there was extreme confi? dence, and couldn't do wrong. That's the way it sounded to me, and that's the way-- to me--it was projected. His music always sounded completely confident. And, as well, '' , /'' challenging. A challenge that I maybe choose to maybe never be able to meet. Not out of choice, I guess. But there's only one Winston Fitzge? rald. As there's only one Bill Lamey or one Angus Chisholm. I guess in a way you could say Winston, acknowledging that it was his style that I went after, also allowed me to look at taking the best from what everybody or all fiddlers had to offer. As my father originally spoke of, and that I never took heed to, until I'd maybe actually seen it through my own eyes. (It's interesting--fathers--what are we go? ing to do with them?) Really, really. The older you get, the smarter they get! Right? Paul Cranford and Jerry Holland Fiddle Tunes Composed by Jerry Holland Here are fiddle tunes from a soon-to-be-released book called Jerry Holland: Cape Breton Fiddle Tunes--a compilation of original compositions and traditional tunes as played by Jerry Holland. They are transcribed here by Paul Cranford. Compliments to Buddy MacMaster REEL J.H. Fishing with Vic MARCH J.H. iit i>-f. .ff irrTfr niHGffl irTfrf rrirrrrTfff 3 JJrj # 0 3 f- 11. 3 : ! ??'?? • • 1 #1 fL' ', ??- I 0 ' Real Estate & Insurance "If you're thinking of selling your home, give us a call." Serving Industrial Cape Breton and North Victoria R. Hickey & Co. p. O. Box 96, North Sydney B2A 3M1 Gerald Brennan, Mgr. Residence: 794-4564 "And remember: No sale, no charge." 794-3119
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