Page 46 - Aunt Annie MacLeod, Wreck Cove
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
See, I went to school right away, I had to go to school. But that was very embarrass? ing. Bad enough in Manitoba. But see, it was a French school. It wasn't too bad be? cause they weren't that good, I guess, in English, either. Because it was French they had at home. And I was" 11 years and only had gone to school half a term. And the teacher was very understanding in Manitoba, I remember, they were very nice to me. I didn't feel too bad there. But when I went to British Columbia, it was very embarrass? ing. I never forgot that. This woman was coming home (to Cape Bre? ton) , and the woman that brought me up (Aunt Kate), she wrote and she said, "Well, I only loaned you, Annie, when you were go- • ing to be in Manitoba. But you went out west. And I want you to send her home by this woman (who) is coming home to Ingon? ish." What would she have done 'f I had re? jected coming? I can't remember. But I felt bad about that, I'm telling you, leaving all that and coming home.-And when I landed home--it was just perhaps the excitement of coming home at the time--well, I'll never forget when I landed home and saw just what had happened to me. I remember I felt--I was mad at her, for one thing, for bringing And when you think of it, really, it was kind of selfish of her. Now, she was there, her father, her brother, and his wife. And you know, she was depending on them. Well, her father died--well, I guess within a year. He was 86 when he died. And her bringing me home, now, to that kind of a life. You know, I think it was selfish, be? cause she knew, now, out there--they had money. They sold--they had lots of money. They could have sent me to school or given me a good education or--well, I had every? thing to work for me there, because they could afford it. But she brought me, you might say, to nothing. Only love and care and... (Only love and care!) Which a lot of people'd be glad to have. (Yes, but you weren't quite so happy with that.) No. (An? nie Mae: But you had love and care where you were, too.) Oh, I had all that in Brit? ish Columbia, along with everything else. See, but I know that I had that all right there. But it was a bad age to bring a young person home. See, I would have had, out there, more supervising. Like I was telling you, she didn't supervise me about who I went with or where I went. My uncle did, you know, more so. But see, I resented him to do it. Where perhaps I would have taken it better from her than I was taking it from him. (Pretty rough start.) Wasn't it? And 16, and going to Sunday school,- and all those things that are connected with church work and young people and concerts, and going to all those things. And then uprooting that and coming home. BUSINESS PEOPLE You Can Talk To If you are considering starting a new business or expanding your present operation, find oyt how we can help. The Small Business Service Centre in your area is staf? fed with knowledgeable business people who can advise you about public and private sector pro? grams and services that will best suit your needs. If you are facing a challenge in financing, marketing or in any other aspect of business manage? ment, call us and explore how your business can reach its full potential. SMALL BUSINESS 'SERVICE CENTRE IN YOUR AREA: Commercial Tower, 1st Floor, Drummond Fraser General Manager, Cape Breton Region Business Expertise InYoiir Neigliborliood 15 Dorchester Street ;>' 'mall Business Sydney, Nova Scotia 664-8241 Development (And she was crippled at the time, wasn't she?) Yes. Oh, she was smart, though. Good at her hands--though she was crippled, she was smart, yeah. (So you came home, and you were not happy. Did you go to school then?) No. And that's another thing. See, I was 16 then, you know, thinking--oh. And they had a teacher there by the name of Miss Barkhouse from Halifax. She was a good teacher. So my un? cle- -but he really should have made me go. He started coaxing me and wanting me to go. Why wouldn't I go to school and--you know. But if he had forced me to go, I would have gone. I would have had to go. But see, he Bell Buoy Restaurant SEAFOOD "Fresh from the Shoreline" yy Steaks * Poultry * Sandwiches '' Luncheon Menu * Children's Menu ' Two Separate Dining Rooms * Fully Licensed Baddecl<, N. S. 295-2581 MidA/ay Motors Ltd. htow with Tvwo Locations: HEAD OFFICE '' NEW OFFICE Middle River Wg Port Hastings 295-2290 '"' 625-3641 We've Been CHRYSLER Since 192 6
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