Page 25 - A Ceilidh at Malcolm Campbell's
ISSUE : Issue 9
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/10/1
walk. And while ray uncle was taking off his shingling apron, I went in the house- ran over to the house, looked into the living room, kitchen • there was no sign of the man and I called to mother. She was upstairs running a sewing machine. Oh she got kind of cross with me, said this man's not here at all. So my uncle came in and he asked me where this man was, "He*s not here," '*I saw him. He must be here," So he got after me for telling lies. He called her and she came downstairs. And they had an old belief if you saw a man like that, that he was dead. He had dropped dead. Well they sent me over to the house. To see. You talk about anybody being scared, I went and into the kitchen and just sit down long enough to see the old fellow there in his usual place smoking his pipe. They figured I came for something and didn't want to ask for it. So I took off for home boy as fast as ever I could, I told them. They hardly believed me, that he was all right. But that man lived. I often heard my grandmother saying if you wished yourself in such and such a place • it was an awful bad thing to wish that I was here or there • because sometimes people had done that and something had happened to them. ' Malcolm and Sadie Campbell, Malcolm at 8 or '. and Hugh MacKimion And there is another thing: There is nobody very sure about this business of time. Something might have happened a hundred years ago and you're going to run into it today or tomorrow. You can't tell about this business of time whether it's going to stop still for somebody, somebody gets killed here or there and you're going to see this. Maybe that was a reoccurence of a time when he did come to the house and did come in, Reuben McEvoy's General Store Ltd. We Specialize in Camping Equipment INGONISH BEACH and Clothing of All Kinds Open all year as well as Hardware, Plumbing and at the entrance to the beautiful Electrical Supplies Cape Breton Highlands National Park A Tradition of Welcome and Comfort Pine Food by the Fire Telegraph House & Motel overlooking the Bras D'Or Lakes at Baddeck 295-9988 OPEN ALL YEAR 'ROUND
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