Page 53 - Aunt Annie MacLeod, Wreck Cove
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
you do?) Working with a small rake, you know, and a fork, and gathering it up all in a pile, trying to put it together as much as I could so it'd be ready for him to put it--a horse and--'Khat did you call those big racks?--oh, my Lord.... (Is it true that politics were as important as religion?) Oh, yes. More so. Yes, they were, really. You know, then, there was on? ly Presbyterians anyway (on the North Shore). Presbyterians got along good to? gether, I guess. Oh yes, it was different then. I mean, we were all Presbyterians. (Note: before Church Union in 1925.) But politics was a different thing. Yeah. If you were a Tory and the other person was a Liberal, my goodness. One was no good, and the other was no good. (How did you be? come a Tory?) That was before I went out west. That's all I remember about it. I was 11 years when I went put west. And I remem? ber as well as anything, them coming home and talking about--they were Liberals--and talking about the MacDermids. Now, I don't know what MacDermids. But the MacDermids were Tories. And they said something about the MacDermids. And I thought to myself. And me now, brought up by my mother's peo? ple (who were Liberals), and didn't know those people (they were talking about)--and me saying to myself, "When I grow up I'm going to be a Tory!" How in the world was that? That I just said that. And I always was a Tory. I voted one time Liberal. We had Alex Mor? rison's wagon. We had a horse, but we didn't have a wagon. So they had it double- seated, and Alex Morrison said, "You can use my other wagon, and go an3rwhere." Of course, we were all going to the same church. I guess they wouldn't do it if we weren't going to the same church. But any? way, when it came time to vote, well George said, "I guess we'll have to vote Liberal," because, on account of using their wagon, going to church, and wherever we'd go. So anyvay, my uncle came. Uncle Dan--he was working for the Conservatives. So he asked what we were going to vote. We told him; the reason why. "Well," he said, "if you're going to vote Conservatives, we'll give you money. Because," he said--you know, some people, they wanted liquor. Well, we didn't want liquor. And we needed it really, at the time. But he agreed with us, we were doing the right thing. (You mean, to vote Liberal, the same as the man who lent you his wagon.) Yes. Alex Morrison, D. J.'s father. So anyway, when it came election night, you know, we had to go up there to listen. Where, had we voted Conservatives, we'd have been listening some other place. And when they were cheering and, you know, we didn't feel like cheering. I don't know (as) how George felt that much about it, but I was really Conservative. (In those days, did everybody know how you voted?) Oh, of course they did! (How did they know?) I don't, know how they knew, but they knew. Oh, I guess nobody was hiding it, anyway. You know, you were proud that you were going to vote Conservative; you PIPER'S TRAILER COURT Featuring: Fully Licensed Dining Room * Guest House * Swimming Pool Ocean-Side Campsites * Laundromat * Mini-Mart 929-2233 Indian Brook on the Cabot Trail Halfway Between Baddeck and Ingonish St. Peters Drug Store Ltd. Don Stone, Ph. C, Proprietor Open • Days a Week Monday to Friday open until 8 Saturday open until 5 p.m. 535-2203 St. Peters, Richmond County, N. S. QUALITY SOFT DRINKS SINCE 1905 AT THE PRICE THAT REFRESHES Pbp Factory iRon Br'eci3' McKinlay &Sons; Ltd. A COMPLETE UNE OF PARTY suppuEs 262 BROOKSIDE 849-6644 GLACE BAY
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