Page 71 - Searching for the Pioneer Log House
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
admit, I haven't seen any of the evidence myself, but I've been told that there are photographs, dating to about the turn of the cen? tury, of that house which show its unsheathed condi? tion, so to speak--shows it as a log structure. And I've also heard of one, a log house or log cabin, up Northeast Margaree way, which is now abandoned. Then, just late last year, in October, we were told by Jim St. Clair of another log house. It's rather in? teresting, because initial? ly I thought there was some confusion and what he was talking about was the first one we found. But in fact, he wasn't. We visited it in October. Unfortunately, by the time we found it the sun had just gone down and it was dusk. We just had a very quick look. And somebody is renovating it. Again, it's something that we'll have to get more information. I don't even know who owns it. But it sits on a fairly solid stone foundation. But what is most striking is that it seems to be very, very similar to the (first) one. Probably very much the same dimensions, the same form. Same kind of attic. And the door is in the same position, which is in one corner of the gable end. And the stairs, which is really just a set of glori? fied dogleg steps set in a corner, gable corner. The other corner of the same gable is exactly the same (as the first house). The only difference is they're reversed. This one, as I said, is being refurbished, and was in the process of being stripped internally Johnny Allan MacDonald. Enon: I tr:i: k .'. ' :.. .;'es) were pretty well all gone (when I was young). But I knew where there was one, and I was in it myself.... It was after the people started to build frame houses. And they boarded out? side, and shingled it. (Over the logs?) Over the logs.... Well, that was only in this one house; it was boarded out? side. But all the other log houses, when they built frame houses, they were destroyed. Or possibly they'd be half- rotten, anjrway. (So when you came to the house?...) Oh no, it wouldn't look like a log house, no. C''SXLyl'ND PI-YMOUTH CHRYSLER LTD. "We Make Them the Best, So We Back Them the Best" 539-2280 Dakota 4 x 2 SE and 4 x 4 The Only Truck in the Industry with Years/115,000 Kilometres Warranty The Best in the Industry The Best Backed Used Cars in the Island EASTLAND Plymouth Chrysler Ltd. ""IJSney''* The Home of the Canadian K "Where You Can Lease for Less"
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