Page 83 - Kieran Ballah Remembers M.J
ISSUE : Issue 48
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/6/1
Dad, and said, "Listen at 11 o'clock tonight and you'll hear the festival, you'll hear me doing my number." Worst thing I have ever done, was tell him. Because--oh, he tore me to pieces! I was sitting down out in the car. Eileen and I, before we were married, went for a drive. I said, "We'll listen to it in the car." I didn't think it was too bad. And I got a phone call when I got back home. Blasted me. "Kieran," he said, "you should never have been on the stage. Man"--you know--"you weren't ready." He was very much like that. That you shouldn't go on the stage unless you knew there was no one in that audience could tear you apart. If you did a job that no one could say you could have done better. A strong believer in--it should be perfect when you do it. "Don't tell me you came second. 'Cause if you can come second, you can come first." That's what he believed in. So he gave me a real hard time, you know. But, when he was getting older--not old enough that he couldn't perform, but his health was bad. I remember I put on a show in Antigonish, a musical show, shortly af- ter I went there. And he then wasn't too CAPE BRETON OFFICES: SYDNEY 539-6315 (toll free) GLACE BAY 849-4547 NEW WATERFORD 862-3350 PORT HAWKESBURY 625-0640 NORTH SYDNEY 794-4788 LOUISDALE 345-2199 MABOU 945-2514 CHETICAMP 224-3204 SYDNEY RIVER 562-0565 BADDECK 295-3130 The Caledonians, from the "Cotter's Saturday Night" radio show. Left to right: Moses Ballah (musical director of the show). Mrs. Blendon Davies. Mrs. Hazel Matheson. Blendon Davies. Bernard Macintosh. well. It was in 1954--he died in '57. So I thought the show was coming along good, and the chorus sounded nice, and I asked him if he'd come up and just listen to them for me. He said, "Sure." So he drove up to An? tigonish. His health was real bad then. He sat in the audience. And when I saw him out there during that practice, on that Sunday afternoon, I introduced him. I said, "Okay, come on. Dad, take over." He said, "No, no. This is your show. You go right ahead. I'll just listen to it for you." And he listened to it. And then, he took over the chorus after I was done. And God, he had more things out of them than I could ever have thought of getting out, you know. He was quite proud to be able to do it, you know.... So--good memories of music, with him. It's too bad he died so young. You know, he still had a lot of music in him. Dad, with the choirs, see, and Midnight Mass was a big thing, a big production. Be? cause he'd prepare for months with the choirs. He'd have a choir up there of maybe For All Your Insurance Needs Insure your life, home, automobile, business, farm or travel witti tte leading Canadian-owned, all-lines insurance company... The Co-operators. Our policies, many with exclusive features, provide you with some of the best, broadest insurance coverages avail? able. Plus, you deal directly with the friendly, helpful people in our service offices around Cape Breton. Learn more about the complete protection and service we provide. Call or come in to The Co-operators today. 0?? the coopet'tpr?? Insurance Services LIFE • HOME • AUTO • COMMERCIAL • FARM • TRAVEL rhe JN'pRMAWAY INN' LODGE CABINS SINCE 192&i.; The first choice for fine food and lodging on the Cabot Trail The Normaway is proud to be able to share a part of Cape Breton's culture. Enjoy traditional music by the fire side, nightly films on the area, a choice selection of Cape Breton books and records, arst and crafts workshop, traditional and contem? porary Cape Breton music or theatre most spring and fall weekends, as well as Elder Hostel travel learning programs. For more information write or phone: THE NORMAWAY INN 902-248-2987 P.O. Box 142, Margaree Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada, BOE 2
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