Page 16 - Stories from the Clyburn Valley
ISSUE : Issue 49
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1
went in and put the gun away. Emma: He'd have never shot anybody, that's for sure. But he thought he'd scare them. Maurice; Before they came in there on Mon? day morning--on Sunday afternoon I was out to church, and I went over to the hotel there.... It's the Island Inn now. That wasn't the name that was on it then. But anyhow, there's where they were boarding, the fellows that came in to build the golf course. So I went over there, and the su? perintendent of the building job was Bill - Stewart from British Columbia. He and a couple more of his men that's with him. I went in and I told him--he was up on the verandah. I just went to the edge of the verandah and I told him, I said, "Now, I'd like to warn you before Monday morning, not to cross my property, or to put your men there." I said, "If you do, you'll have a job for the undertaker." And he jumped off of the verandah--oh, he could have killed me right there. I wasn't long coming out of my coat. I said, "Come on." I said, "And if you go down, you'll never get up." He wouldn't--he was a way bigger man than I was. He backed away. But after he got finished with me (after expropriation), he said, "Look, I took more liking to you last Sunday," he said, "for standing on your feet and challenging a man the size of me." I said, "Yes, and I know I can beat you, too!" (When you say they came out with their crew, what did that really mean? What did they intend to do that day?) They were go? ing to start working on my part of the ??property. Golf course--there's two holes and two fairways in the property that I fatz On tL !Bsac' BEACH HOMES MOTEL CHALETS P. 0. Box 177, Ingonish Beach, N. S. BOC ILO (902)285-2525 owned there. Nine and Ten. Now, I had my crop in--potatoes and garden and every? thing- -down in, where Number 10 Green is at now, all that part there. They bulldozed that away, and never got 5 cents for it. You know, it was a terrible hard living up until then. And it was Angus L.'s govern? ment was in in Halifax, and I've been a bitter Tory ever since. (What did they give you for your land?) Fifteen hundred dollars. (... Did they con? sider that, or did anybody consider that, a fair price?) Nobody in the country here considered it a fair price, no. They asked me before the price ever was set on it-- their lawyer from Sydney--Smith Maclvor was his name. He came in and he told me what they were going to give. He asked me first, he said, "How much will you be satisfied to settle for, to leave here?" "Well," I said, "I've been thinking about this since...." I said, "I'll leave for fifty thousand dol? lars." And I said, "I think you'll be get? ting a bargain at that." "Well," he said, "the price that they're offering you is fifteen hundred." They said, "We don't want your house, and we don't want your barn--we're not paying for that at all. If you leave it there, we'll put the torch to it. If you take it away and make use of it, that's all right with us." That's the words they gave me. (And what did you do with it?) I sold it to her brother. He was building a store. He tore it down. He had a truck. Of all the people that lost their land here, to the national park, I'm the only living one that's left. I stayed till they buried them all. Emma; That'd have been a good picture to take. We had 6 children. The two smallest ones couldn't--but every one of them had a rope on an animal--a cow or a calf or some? thing- -going over the shortcut over the mountain, from the Valley where we lived. Went over the mountain and came out down there somewheres around where the Senior Citizens' is--it came out there. And then went on up the road then to the other farm we were going to. Would have been a picture Morrison's Stores '??*'' L Hardware General Merchants Celebrating over 100 Years of Service ST. PETERS RICHIVIOND COUNTY, NOVA SCOTIA BOE 3B0 TREAT YOURSELF TO . A SEAFOOD SUMMER! Anyway you serve it Nova Scotia fish and shellfish are delicious and nutritious. 'fsi' Department of ''' Fislieries
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