Page 29 - From Talks with Matt Minglewood
ISSUE : Issue 49
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1
Halifax, there was a big war in the media about not playing my stuff. Basically, that it...wasn't worth playing. The next thing was--as I said, we were packing clubs in and doing really well every? where- -so I got some people behind me who were interested in putting money into backing me for anoth- li er album. So I got a '' producer this time by the name of Claire Lawrence, and that made a big differ? ence. He sort of took me from a rough-edged band with lots of talent and smoothed it all out and made it more playable, more acceptable to the masses. We didn't have a record deal at the time, but we had the money and the studio in Ontario and Van? couver to go to, and we did that. Actually, we sent the rough demo around that we did in Ontario, and RCA bought it, and so they gave us the money to go finish it in Van? couver. And we did and they released it. I remember flyng home after signing the deal with a $50,000 cheque, an advance af? ter signing the record deal. Big time! Boy, was I a mess! The manager and I coming back on the plane, and we were just whooping it up, drinking everything that was available free, connoisseur service, first class on the way back. Drove out. Drove out, and . came back first class. But anyway, photog? raphers were there waiting for us at the Halifax airport. We were a mess. A mess. Minglewood Band; 1. to r. Matt Minglewood. Terry Edmunds, drummer Bob Woods (hidden). Enver Sampson, and Donnie Hann. but we had a grin on our faces- acceptable. ade it all Anyway, that turned out to be the first RCA album, which was called "Minglewood Band"-- and it turned out to be almost a platinum album, and I got nominated for a Juno for it. It sold something like 85,000 copies. Things went uphill from there. I bought an $80,000 sound system and a $70,000 truck and tractor-trailer, and off we went. Big time! Things were going great with that. We were having lots of air play. And the iron? ic thing about it, the same radio stations around here--we'11 leave names out of this --who shunned the first album were now ec? static and claiming that they broke us, they broke the band and supported us right from the start. It's just that once I got Sydney vinyl Siding Sales Ltd. committed to "Quality" Please call collect for free estimate & literature 95 Johnstone Street, Sydney 562-0421 The Violin Shop ' Johannes Sturm VioUnmaker/repairer Quality Repairs to String Instruments Custom Work Bow Rehairing New and Used Instruments Strings Accessories For information or appointment, call (902) 345-2883 R. R. 1, Grand Anse, Richmond County, N. S. BOE 1VO MIKE'S LUNCH AIR CONDITIONED LICENSED I Your Family Restaurant I Home Made Cooking | Eat In or Take Out Seating 1 GO People . OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK • c OPPOSITE STERLING MALL 4 Sterling Road, GLACE BAY 849-1010
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