Page 53 - A Missionary Trek in Cape Breton
ISSUE : Issue 49
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1
He used to relate the following incident as having taken place here: Some time after dark he and his guide arrived at the edge of a stream which they saw no means of crossing. By the light of the moon they ob? served a house on the other side. On call? ing loudly a man came out, of whom they en? quired if there was any way of crossing. The man answered "No," but added the en? quiry, "Who are you?" The Doctor's compan? ion replied, "This is Doctor MacGregor, a minister from Pictou." The man immediately entered the house, and forthwith two stout young fellows came out, who ran down to the stream, waded across, and one taking the Doctor on his shoulders, and the other his companion, carried them across. The family were Highland Catholics, and entertained them as well as they could that night, and in the morning the man volunteered to go with him to the Presbyterian settlement to which he was going. The Doctor offered to pay him for his kindness, but he refused, and asked him if he did not remember giving such a poor man an axe and a hoe. He added that he was happy to have it in his power to make some return for his kindness. With one or two exceptions the settlers both at River Inhabitants and West Bay were Highlanders. There were over twenty fami? lies at the latter place, the number at the former we have not ascertained, but it is said to have been considerable. Most of them had come thither by way of Pictou, having resided there for longer or shorter periods, during which they had been under the ministry of Doctor MacGregor, and some of them looked to him as the instrument of their first saving convictions of divine truth. They were generally poor and still contending with the difficulties of a new settlement. Several of the heads of fami? lies were decidedly pious. Being few in number and all of one religious persuasion, they lived in peace and harmony. From the time of their settlement here they had not heard a sermon till he visited them, and from the whole circumstances we may judge that his coming was the occasion of much joy. He could, however, remain but a short time with them. He spent one Sab? bath at River Inhabitants, and preached in a barn belonging to Mr. Adam MacPherson, both in English and Gaelic. In English he lectured on Rom. v. 1-11; dwelling particu? larly on verse 8. Some of the people at West Bay came through to hear him. On the Tuesday following he went to West Bay, and preached again, both in Gaelic and English, in a barn belonging to one Macintosh. His subject here in the former language was Luke xix. 9, "This day is salvation come to this house, forasmuch as he also is a son of Abraham," with a comment on the whole passage, from the first to the tenth verse. On this occasion he told them that one of his objects in visiting them was to urge The HIGH WHEELER Catering p?f-' a Specialty v-raic 295-3006 Good Eating IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN BADDECK * Deli * Bakery KENT HOMES Canada's FIRST & ONLY CERTIFIED Manufacturer of R2000 Homes The Homesteader You're not limited in choice when you purchase a home from Kent. We offer all the latest designs and our modular homes let you take full advantage of quality, environmentally controlled construction. You've Heard about the benefits and savings of an R2000 Home. Come and see us about owning one. Chris Ekiwards Home Buyer's Consultant 501 Esplanade Sydney, N. S. BIP 1B3 902-539-4219 Ik) Kent Homes '' • ?i "TURNING HOUSES INTO HOMES!" COMMERCIAL TRANSPORTATION TRAINING & CONSULTING SERVICES INC. C.T.T.C.S. is a locally owned driver training and safety consulting company presently operating in the truck transportation industry. DRIVER TRAINING: TRACTOR TRAILERS TANDEM STRAIGHT TRUCKS SCHOOL BUSES AUTOMOBILES SERVICES & SEMINARS: DEFENSIVE DRIVING DANGEROUS GOODS DRIVER EVALUATION All students receive personalized, individual instruction. Our instructors all have a minimum 20 years professional driving experience. P. O. BOX 53, WHITNEY PIER POSTAL STATION SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA B1N 3B1 PHONE (902) 539-4216 Training & Consultation V in all Phases oftheBoad Transport Industry j
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