Page 62 - Billy James MacNamara of Evanston
ISSUE : Issue 49
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1988/8/1
time, going to the States. Gloucester and Boston were half full of Canadians, if they ever made a check on it. Especially Glou? cester. And Newfoundlanders. The biggest part pf the fishermen out of Gloucester was Nova Scotia men--Cape Bretoners--and New? foundlanders. And Bangor, Maine, the same, half of them. A big pile of them used to go from here every year to Maine, cutting lum? ber in the lumber woods. And New Brunswick, too, they used to go there a lot. The Miramichi. (But you chose the sea.) I chose the sea, for 15 years. I went up in 1913. I was around 20, I guess. Well, '13, or '12, I forget which. I had an aunt in Gloucester. I had two aunts in Gloucester. I didn't stay with her when I went there first. I met a friend of mine--he belonged here to Point Tupper--he was there for about 15, 20 years. A fellow by the name of Dan Campbell. They just called him "Navy Dan"--he had been in the American Navy for quite awhile. Anyhow, he BUILDING SUPPLIES 21 McKeen Street, Glace Bay Our Carpet & Paint Displays are all set up... Waiting For You! Our Hardware and Building Supplies are arriving daily. Come and visit us in our bright new surroundings. HARDWARE, BUILDING SUPPLIES, CARPETS & VINYL FLOORING BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT, BONNEVILLE WINDOWS r'?s"t:tlp.m. 849-0047 849-1100 From Centre 200 to the Xfi''S* Mira auction and barbecue, VISII from the most modern '' _ r'i~ motels to the homey V'Ar't comforts of bed- and'breakfasts-- BRETON Cape Breton County meets your every ''''1 IMT'' requirement. '''' mm Cape Breton County is an excellent base for your visit to our island. Drive or hike beside our rivers, lakes, or seacoast. Enjoy the music and humour of our festivals, concerts, plays. Pick a beach for swimming or clam-digging. Visit a museum or archives. Walk streets where soldiers marched and workers "stood the gaff." For more information contact: Mr. J. Cunningham, Executive Director, CAPE BRETON JOINT EXPENDTTURE BOARD County Administration BIdg., 865 Grand Lake Rd., ?? ' ?? ai''m# Sydney, N.S.B1P6W2 lOINTEX TELEPHONE 1-902-564-5541 ? iWlll ?? mM Cape Breton County • a County to Explore! took me to board with him at his boarding- house- -Mrs. Cameron's, they called it. A beautiful boardinghouse. He thought he'd get me a chance, within the next (month), on a halibut, deepsea vessel, with a skip? per there that he was with. He sent me down to the wharf to see if his dory-mate was going to stay or going to leave. His dory- mate (had) said he was going to leave; it was his last trip. I went down with him. And my God, he came up--"No, he says he's going to stay this trip." I didn't have very much money when I left here and I landed in Boston. I think I had about $35. When I went down to Gloucester, I had less. He put his hand in his pocket, he said, "Here. Here's $10 for you. That'll do you, if you're not taking a chance till I see you again." And I think I had $10 of my own--I thought I was rich. But the best of Gloucester at that time was this: you could go in any boardinghouse there--you had money or no money, at that time--and they'd wait till you made a trip, to come back to pay them. They didn't want any money ahead. That's what made it so easy, there were so many flocked there. It made it so easy. The woman of the boarding? house would wait till you made a trip and came back. Well, I went down to the wharf, from one wharf to the other. And one of the wharves I went down on, I saw a man coming up to? wards me. And he stopped me. He said, "Are you looking to go fishing?" I said, "Yes, I am, in a way." "Well," he said, "I'm look? ing for a man to go fishing." "Well, now," I said, "I'm not an experienced fisherman. I know a lot about handlining. I know about, probably, setting the trawl." I had fished out here with my father, you know, handlining. I had hauled a trawl a couple of.times, and baited them up. But not as good as what they could do there. I wasn't a professional fisherman. And I said, "I never was in a dory in my life. I've been in fishing boats down in Nova Scotia." "I know," he said, "I belong down to Nova Sco? tia too." He said, "You're all right." He said, "We're going single-dory fishing." He said, "Your chance is here. You want to DAN ALEX MACLEOD ENTERPRISES LTD. Suppliers of Lobster Trap Material Sills * Bottom Laths * Laths * Door Cleats in both Softwood and Hardwood "Service with a Smile!" Phone 884-2794 Stirling, R. R. 1, Gabams, Cape Breton Midway Motors Ltd. Now with Two Locattons: HEAD OFFICE '' NEW OFFICE Middle River 'Sf Port Hastings 295-2290 ' • ' 625-3641 We've Been CHRYSLER Since 1926
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