Page 3 - We Worked for General Instruments: Part Two: The Conclusion
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
At the end of it, we were called in, and management came down from the States and said, "Look, boys, the union is giv? ing us a hard time because we're moving half of it out, and they want it all out." Now, I know, if we had of fought for it, we could have kept that part there.... (You -''' '' believe that?) Yeah. And I '*' *,rf think we could have fought for * **' it. But the union fought hard then to close it. (Oh, now, that can't be exact? ly right, that the union fought to close it.) Yeah. They said, "Give us a date. We want a date. Don't prolong it. If you're going to close it, close it, and give us a date when it's go? ing to close." That's the exact words the union went to the management with. "Give us a date of the closure." ("If you're go? ing to close it.") "If you're going to close it." (But they did not want it to be closed.) No. Management kept saying, "We're not closing it completely. We're keeping a part of it." And the union and the girls were saying, "That's lies." You know. "You are going to close it on us." It got to a point that management came down. I can remember yet (management) com? ing down and saying, "Look. You people don't want to work for us, we'll close her, whenever you want her." "Well," they said, "give us a date." They said, "Okay. The 25th of next month." You know. "If you want a date, we'll give it to you." But BOOKS ARE A GREAT GIFT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR Cape Breton Books • A Good Selection of First-Rate Literature A Wide Range of Books from Popular to Scholarly 361 Charlotte St., Sydney B1P1E1 (next to the Peking Restaurant) (539-8551) A Message From the Minister of Education I am extremely pleased to have this opportunity to express my congratu? lations to Cape Breton's Magazine on the occasion of the publication of its 50th issue. Founded in 1972 and regarded today as one of Canada's truly unique publications, it continues to devote itself to the history, and the future, of Cape Breton Island. While published mainly in English, it has featured written material in French, Gaelic and Micmac. Increasingly, in recent years, its contents have reflected a wider range of features depicting the ethnic diversity of the island. As our education system is committed to offering equal opportunities to all Nova Scotians and to having programs and practices that reflect our province's rich cultural and ethnic tapestry, I find it encouraging to witness what has been achieved by Cape Breton's Magazine in preserving so many of those aspects of our heritage. This, the 50th issue of this truly distinctive periodical, is a landmark episode in its publishing life. Reflecting on its past achievements, I express my admiration for the way in which it has preserved so much of our provincial history. Looking to the future, I extend my very best wishes for its continued success and growth. t''c >c Department of Education Honourable Ronald C. GIffin, Q.C. Minister
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