Page 7 - We Worked for General Instruments: Part Two: The Conclusion
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
it would not be a surprise to you to see General Instruments back in Cape Breton....) It wouldn't hurt anybody's feelings in Sydney if they came back. I think they'd shake their hands, if General Instruments came back. And do you know what? General Instruments knows this. They know we had a General Instruments reunion (in 1987). And I made a mistake. I was supposed to notify them. They were going to send up $500 to cover some of our costs. But when I got ahold of Harvey and I told Harvey, I said, "Well, they're planning on having another one." He gave me old hell because I didn't let them know in time. But I said, "We're going to have another one." "Well," they said, "let us know in advance." I'm guaranteed (when we have another one) we could get 500 to 1000 dollars from them. They'd be thankful to send it up. Darlene Hareguy (Darlene, I can see that you see General Instruments in a very positive light. Was there anything that was not good, anything that really should have been improved, if they were going to be in here again, a company like that?) A lot of the working conditions, they could have had a lot bet? ter. It was hard to get mate? rial out of them. And there was a lot of slack--they had some line girls that were pretty--off--with it. But no, there's not too much that I would. I found a lot of--at one point there, before we got Bob Lieb? ke as general manager, they had a general manager who was out to fire everybody in the place. But I didn't have any hassle with him. But he got really strict. There were a lot of girls missing time. Which, he used to say, you know: if you missed so many days, you were out on the road. And the union had to step in a lot when he was there. Because he was very-- like, he would come out and he would say, "You're not working fast enough." And if someone was off sick, "How long has this one been off?" And he'd check back in your records. And the next thing you know, you were called to the office and you were told, "Look, you missed this, you missed that, your work is not up to par." You know. "Either smarten up, or it's out the door for you." (Was the place well heated and well light? ed?) Yes. Well heated and well lighted. (Dusty?) No. They had a cleaning crew that used to, like--there was one woman that would stay in the women's bathroom--8 hours. Because, I mean, you had 15, 20 girls at a time in there. Of course, be? cause then you could go in there and have a cigarette. (So that one woman....) In the bathroom constantly. Constantly. Like, there were two sides to the bathroom. There were eight washrooms on each side. Eight sinks with mirrors. And she just would go from this side, to cleaning out the washrooms-- I mean, it was very, very clean--and cleaning out the sinks, right down, till she finished the eight. Then she went to RMAWAYINN'' ,ODGE CABINS SINCE 192J The first choice for fine food and lodging on the Cabot Trail The Noimaway is proud to be able to share a part of Cape Breton's culture. Enjoy traditional music by the fire side, nightly films on the area, a choice selectio of Cape Breton books and records, arst and crafts workshop, traditional and contem porary Cape Breton music or theatre most spring and fall weekends, as well as Eld Hostel travel learning programs. For more information write or phone: : NORMAWAY INN 902-248-2987 The only key to trouble-free and long car lite is regular and careful maintenance. For over 25 years, maintenance • solely of European cars • has been our occupation. If you don't wish to maintain your car, neither do we!f If you do, we'd like to help!! EUROCAR SERVICE LTD. 649 WESTMOUNT ROAD SYDNEY 564-9721
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