Page 16 - We Worked for General Instruments: Part Two: The Conclusion
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
come to me a week before and say, "Hi. Sor? ry, you know, you're not paying your rent. It is due tomorrow, but you're not going to have a paycheque because we're closing up. See you later." I mean, it was bad enough we only found out, like, it was about 5 weeks before they closed, before we ever found out about it.... I was single. I was disappointed. Because I liked the work, and I was there so long, you know. All I kept thinking of, "Oh, God, now I've go around and fill out applications and look for another job. And what training do I have? You know--I've worked in a laundry." Like, I had given up, quit school, and stayed. I didn't go back to school come September. I stayed working. And I thought, you know, "Gee, I gave everything up. And here I am now--no job." I mean, I could get unemployment, yes, but unemplo3nnent didn't mean much to me. I would rather be working. Up Toion Hudiot A Division of Quality Cameras Ltd. HOURS: Tuesday to Friday, 3 until 9; Saturday till 5; and by appointment It was a very sad day it closed. Everybody was sad. It was like a big family--I don't know. Everybody was close. There wasn't too much harassment or arguments. It was a very pleasant place to work. And the fore? men were the nicest people, 90% of them. They weren't, you know, "You do it. I'm the foreman. I'm the big shot." There was none of that. I really miss the place. (The last month of work....) Well, we only had so much that we could do. Like, they weren't making any more. And they were laid off up this way. This one went, this one went, this one went. You know? (No, I don't. Explain that a little better.) They quit making the tuners. So, the first girl that put the first piece to start making a tuner--she was gone. (Right away?) No, no. She went about 3 weeks later. And then, it just went down the line. Like, It stopped at us, because we had all this testing that we had to do, that were backed up. So when our testing was finished, we were out. And then QC took over, and they just --they were the last to go. (So there was a time when this big room....) Was just about empty. I was there till pretty well the end. There was one girl who was pregnant. And she was sick. And she worked with me. She asked, "Can I go now? Would you give me my layoff first?" Out of all the testers. So they let her go. And another girl came along, you know: "I'll go next." "I'll go next." And that's how they went. There were only 3 of us testers left, in the end. For about the last week, there were 3 left.... We cleared all the tuners off, and every? thing. And then there were people coming CABINET CONCEPTS We custom-make kitchens in solid oak, pine or maple! Traditional, Country & Euro? pean styles. Lowest prices- call today! • All custom- designed & manufactured at our plant on Maynard St., Halifax. • Free estimates. • Quality workmanship. DIRECT FACTORY OUTLET 539-9300 803 Grand Lake Road Mon-Fri .9 a.m.-5 p.m. Thur.9-8 SaL9 a.m.-1 p.m. Need a Radiator? Muffler? Shocks Brakes? Specializing Repair & Heal Water F 562-2300 1 cr 2 GEORC }EST PITT ST i Specializing in Mufflers Bral(es .MASTER MUFFLER '% I''LLlMl Located in IXywntown Sydney 349 George St. - Cape Breton 539-6691
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