Page 23 - We Worked for General Instruments: Part Two: The Conclusion
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
Paulo, Brazil, to help Philco out, who had just moved a plant down there, to make the product that we were shipping to them. .So anjrway, I did. I went down there, I guess it was for a period.... (Why did the company choose Juarez?) Well, do you recall when that whole corridor on the Texas-Mexico border became a corridor where American companies were going down there like mad, setting up plants in Mexi? co? Their people were living in Texas and going over to work. Remember that whole area there? And then they had plants set up in Guadalajara and so on. At that par? ticular time the U. S. State Department was looking for the oil rights in Mexico. Naturally, the Mexican politicians said, "Oh, ho, sefior, I've got many people who do nothing. You put them to work I talk to you." Now, when those companies moved, don't forget for a minute that they must have got some sort of an inducement to move there. (Doesn't this leave a certain feeling with you, to see a company that you established here, and people that you helped train here, sudden'./ lose their company?) Look, I was hurt, I think, more than the people who worked here. Because when I came from the Joliet plant, I had decisions to make. And when I had to make up my mind about coming here. I came here with a great deal of pride, because I had been a Nova Sco- tian. I figured I could come here, and I could, boy, I could help maybe set up a manufacturing plant that would do Nova Scotia some good. And I was really proud. And I'll tell you. I was transferred in 1970 back to Massachusetts to do the--I don't know what's the word I'm looking for here--but it was a job: I had to go and STUBBERT'S Convenience Stores Videos * Lottery Tickets * Film * Frozen Foods * Magazines * Snacks 24 HOURS: • 275 Commercial St., North Sydney • 172 Main St., Sydney Mines • 1170 Kings Rd., Sydney River • Corner George & Glenwood, Sydney • 220 Welton St., Sydney DAILY: • Florence • Bras d'Or • 83 Pierce St., North Sydney • Alder Point • 1467 Victoria Rd., Sydney "We're there to serve you whenever you need us!" Honda Motorcycles & ATV's Honda Power Equipment Honda 3- and 4-Wheeled Vehicles for Year Round Use 480 GRAND LAKE RD. SYDNEY 539-7644 * 539-1730 Accessories: Trailers, Snowplows, Mowers close the Joliet plant. I was transferred back there to do that. I did that.... (But did you ever ask, was there ever any question about. Why can't this plant stay here in Cape Breton?) Oh, did I ever! (I don't know that you can fight those things, but....) No. That was done in a board room back on Madison Avenue. (Was there any way Cape Breton could have fought it?) No. Tom Kent, at the time, tried to. Then there was a ridiculous de? mand on the part of the company. They went to Halifax, and--I mean, they wanted some- BideflieBoagbCoiiiilZ]!' We're Happy to Celebrate CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE on Its 50th Issue! THE AFFORDABLE FAMILY RESTAURANT WENDY'S RESTAURANT 300 WELTON STREET SYDNEY That's Wendy's Way
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