Page 29 - The 1929 Earthquake: Two Memories
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
out to the Louisbourg Lighthouse, which was built on solid rock, and I could still feel slight tremors. The Louisbourg Light? house Keeper, a Mr. Covey, told me some years later that he was still able to feel slight tremors at the lighthouse, over a year after the original shock. A Mr. Wil? liam Trenholm of Louisbourg had the two- masted fishing schooner Joseph McGill hauled up on shore for repairs, and when the original tidal wave receded, the schooner was swept into the harbor to deep water, went to the bottom, and was never salvaged. On my return trip to Canso, I called in at Gabarus again and found that John A. MacDo? nald not only had lots of time to receive his $2500.00, but he also had two thousand pounds of smelts to ship to Canso, same having been picked up along the shoreline, after having been deposited there by the tidal wave. Also at Gabarus, I was met by a big wiry Scotchman, the Lighthouse Keeper on Guyon Island, a few miles off the coast, south of Gabarus Bay, who implored me to transport his wife and family from Guyon Island to the mainland, as he was fearful of their safety on the small island, due to the tremors and flooding seawaters. He was in a greater state of anxiety than one would expect in such a huge man, more out of concern for his wife and family than for his personal safety. We transported his wife and family to Gabarus, a mission that he was unable to carry out with safety in his own small boat. A coal miner from Glace Bay later told me that they had not experienced any tremors underground in excess of the normal amounts that were frequently felt during their work deep in the mines. There were two transatlantic cables which came ashore at Canso, N. S., operated by Western Union and Commercial, and to my knowledge neither suffered any damage. It would appear that the 'quake had a warming effect on the seawater, because in Bay Natural Foods ( HOME "I LbakingJ 'For Your Health's Sake Buy Natural Foods' Great Selection of Vitamins and Minerals Beer- and Wine-Making Supplies Bulk Herbs and Spices by the Ounce or Pound C. CD. Orders Accepted by Mail or Phone Glace Bay 35 Commercial Street 849-4387 Sydney Across from K-Mart, toward Schwartz 539-6767 THE HARVEST BIN 222 Charlotte St., Sydney 564-8461 July of the following year (1930) the swordfish, which nor? mally follow the edge of the warm Gulf Stream some distance off the Cape Breton coast, appeared in numbers greatly in excess of any year ever, right on the coastline, and they were so plentiful that the local fish? ermen in the Aspy Bay and Ingonish areas, and even in*Louis? bourg Harbour, harpooned the swordfish in large numbers from small rowboats. None of the ships at sea between Cape Breton and Newfoundland reported anything unusual at the time of the 'quake, and it was no great conversation piece at that time or after, possibly due to the poor communication of that era, as well as due to the fact that the earth tremors were light and of short duration in most areas, and also because the tidal waves occurred mostly after dark. In my subsequent trav? els around the Maritime Provinces and New? foundland, I discussed the 'quake with many people in various areas. CAPE BRETON OFFICES: BADDECK 295-3130 CHETICAMP 224-3204 GLACE BAY 849-4547 LOUISDALE 345-2199 MABOU 945-2514 NEW WATERFORD 862-3350 NORTH SYDNEY 794-4788 PORT HAWKESBURY 625-0640 SYDNEY RIVER 562-0565 SYDNEY 539-6315 (toll free) For All Your Insurance Needs Insure your life, home, automobile, business, farm or travel witti tfie leading Canadian-owned, all-lines insurance com|3any... Ttie Co-operators. Our policies, many witti exclusive features, provide you with some of the best, broadest insurance coverages avail? able. Pius, you deal directly with the friendly, helpful people in our service offices around Cape Breton. Learn more about the complete protection and service we provide. Call or come in to The Co-operators today. oS the co-opet'tor?? f' Insurance Services LIFE • HOME • AUTO • COMMERCIAL • FARM • TRAVEL COMPLETE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES FOR CONSTRUCTION ?? INDUSTRY ?? HOMEOWNERS Phone 539-0631 Miller industrial Sales Complete Line of Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings ?? Honda Power Equipment Hand Tools, Saws, & Shovels ?? Stihl Power Saws ?? Rainwear Industrial V-Belts ?? Rope-Poly & Wirerope ?? Complete Paint Supplies 803 GRAND LAKE ROAD ?? SYDNEY Sales & Service
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