Page 31 - The 1929 Earthquake: Two Memories
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
the house. The height of the tide at that time--the flood had come in--the tidal wave had come in--the boat was away up over the tree. The water was risen that high. Well, right here, now it's all land right through there, from the dump there--there was no dump there then--from cove to cove.. The tidal wave came in, it went right through. You could have tacked in a vessel through there. Her father (Billy James's wife's father) came down to come over there to meet the mail. He was up, waiting for the mail. He walked over to this house. The mail carrier used to bring it, to leave it there some? times . He damned near drowned. He walked out to here, coming down over the hill there, when he struck that low flat--right out to here before he stopped himself. He didn't know what in the hell had happened. Walking. (And the water came up above his waist.) Well, he walked right out into it. He'd nev? er seen the like, that was there. He never thought of the like of that was going to be across the road. Walked right into it. I had a fish shop down there. And it rose up about that high in the fish shop. (About 3 1/2, 4 feet high.) About that. It was up to that, and never took it, either. It didn't take it. But I had a lot of stuff in it. I had barrels into it, and iron into it--it was heavy stuff I had into it, and it kept it down, I suppose. I went down there in the morning, and here I saw my boat--a little rowboat I had. It was away up there, 50 feet up in the field. "Christ," I said, "what's wrong?" VICTORIA COUNTY Is a Year 'Round Joy! Whether it*s Winter Alpine and Cross-Country skiing, a Summer sailing regatta, or driving and hiking through the Autumn- we invite you to join us. St. L?wr • e? B?v BRASO'OfVLAKE "CIAD MILE FAILTE" One Hundred Thousand Welcomes VICTORIA COUNTY The Warden, Councillors, and Residents rofre fime to meet the people of Victoria County. NO SPECTATOR THE CANADIAN JUNIOR CROSS-COUNTRY SKI CHAMPIONSHIP Feb. 23 to 28 (CAPE NORTH) ADMISSION CHARGE THE ATLANTIC CROSS-COUNTRY SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS Feb. 4 and 5 (CAPE NORTH) THE CAPE BRETON PEPSI LOPPET SERIES Jan.14/I0NA Jan. 28/ST. PETERS Feb. 11/INGONISH BEACH Feb. 19/CHETICAMP Mar. 4/BADDECK Mar. 11/IONA Mar. 12/CAPE NORTH Apr. 2/CAPE NORTH CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING RECREATIONAL EVENTS For information phone Tom Wilson 295-3231 Enjoy Victoria County • We Do!
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