Page 54 - A Guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton's Magazine
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
Cape Breton's MAGAZINE This Was Swordfishing A LKe History of the Swordfish Joe MacNeil. Storyteller Trails out of Meat Cove Survival Kit, Corrpass and Topographic Map Apples of Inverness County Deux Comes Merveilleux pour les Enfants How Leather Was Sewn A Pair of Larrigans The Eyestone Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Ice Cutting at Canso Some Abundant Wlidflowers Reiteach, a Scottish Engagement Rite How to Make an Alexander Graham Beli Winged-Ceil Tetrahedron Kite Remembering St. Paufs Island, Part One John J. Matheson, 95 How Gtaosiop Found Summer Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Ttie Berthing of Si Wniy Petrie. a Man Who Finds Water Wanes, an Ancient Micmac Game Lauchie Gillis, Sltinning a Larrt) How to Baik Tan Hides and Skins A Story of Christmas Island The Life History of the Northern Bald Eagle Cape Breton's MAGAZINE In the North River Lumber Woods Sharpening a Crosscut Saw The Life of the Lobster Le Come du Loup et du Renard Hector Carmichaei, a Maker of Songs How We Cured Ourselves Dr. MacPherson, the Cancer Doctor Number Sevei Cleve Townsend of Louis? bourg, a Man in Two Worlds 8/26 Coming of the Trade Union Act (1937), The 23/33 Cooke's Camp: A Letter and a Song 21/IFC Dan Alex MacLeod: "I Moved Houses" 35/13 Dan Alex MacLeod: a Working Life 41/1 Dan Angus Beaton, Black- stone, With 47/68 Dave Epstein, A Visit with 35/ 39 Dawn Fraser, Writer: Selections 45/72 Diary: Mary Smith of Smithville, 1890-92 41/48 Donald Rankin Family and Har? ness Racing, The 45/1 Doug MacPhee, New Water? ford, With Pianist 43/31 Dr. Austin MacDonald, Down North 39/1 Dr. Austin MacDonald: How We Got the Hospital Down North 40/13 Earthquake, The 1929: Two Memories 50/27 Farmer John Eyking: The Hol? land Years 50/35 Father Jimmy Tompkins of Reserve Mines 16/6 Five Strays from (Dur First 10 Years 31/37 Fr. John Angus Rankin, Glen- dale, With 45/59 Fragments from Mining at Gold Brook 30/41 Frank & Margaret MacRae, A Visit with 46/63 Frank E. Jackson, North Syd? ney, at 99, With 34/37 From Conversations with Steelworkers 27/1 Gaelic Precenting on the North Shore 27/45 George LeBrun, A Talk about 30/15 George MacEachern's Auto? biography, From 45/IFC George Maxwell Family Stories 28/17 Gertie Boutilier Turnbull, A Visit with 50/63 Grand Captain Alex Denny, A Talk with 40/45 Guiding for Salmon on the Margaree 26/1 Gwen LeFort, War Bride in World War One 35/47 Harry Albert Builey: Accidents Averted 37/21 Hattie Carmichaei of the Mead? ow Road 35/1 Hector Carmichaei and Alex? ander Kerr 24/38 Hilda MacDonald and Glendyer Mills 12/14 Horses in the Coal Mines 32/36 How Hughie MacPhee Made Peace with the Campbells 16/ IFC How We Buried Our Dead 18/32 Icebreakers around Cape Breton 45/26 In the North River Lumber Woods 7/1 Isabel Bartlett Remembers George 43/1 Islands in the Strait of Canso 17/ 46 Jack Sam Hinkley, A Visit with 16/1 James D. Gillis: "A Little Sketch of My Life" 30/37 Janle Nicholson, Baddeck, A Visit with 31/15 Jerry Holland: Fathers and Son 48/15 Joe Neil MacNeil, Gaelic Storyteller 44/65 John Hart of Port Hood • a Scrapbook 15/16 John J. and Sadie Theriault, With 50/99 John J. Matheson, 95 5/IFC Johnny Allan MacDonald of Enon 48/1 Johnny Murphy, Northeast Margaree 18/18 Johnny Wilmot: Talk and Tunes 40/59 Joseph D. Samson of Petit- de-Grat 43/73 Karoline Siepierski, Whitney Pier, With 36/34 Katie Margaret Gillis, Mabou Coal Mines, With 38/1 Kieran Ballah Remembers M. J. 48/75 Lakeboats on the Bras d'Or 15/23 Lee Cremo Speaks 1/3 Lexle O'Hare Went to Boston 42/1 Lexie O'Hare, Big Intervale, With (Part 2) 43/57 Life and Death of the "Aspy" 14/ 19 Life on Bird Islands 26/41 Lottie Morrison from Gabarus, With 40/1 Mabel Louise Dubbin, V.O.N., With 30/19 MacDougalls and Whittys and Songs 23/1 Making Bricks at George's River 18/29 Margaret MacDonald of Glace Bay, With 25/1 Marguerite Gallant, A Visit with 5/1 Marguerite Gallant: Songs and Stories 20/39 Maria Goyetche of Petit-de- Grat, From Talks with 44/47 Marie MacLellan, Pianist, A Talk with 42/33 Martelis of Flint Island Light, The 45/44 Mary and Clarence Lashley, A Visit with 18/1 Mary MacMllian at Ben Eoin 39/ IFC Mary Ryan: a Woman's Account 47/51 Mary Sarah MacNeil Remem? bers Long Island 39/74 Matt Minglewood, From Talks with 49/BC Milling Frolic on the North Shore, A 21/39 Mine Explosion in New Waterford, 1917 21/1 Nan Morrison, Baddeck, A Visit with 47/1 Neil A. MacKinnon of Rear Beaver Cove 44/BC Old Cures from Sandy Mac- Lean 35/1FC On the Road to the Canada Winter Games 44/1 On the S & L Railroad, Part Two 29/22 Orange in Cheticamp, An 3/1 FC Peter Willy Murphy, Hoboing Days 15/IFC Poaching for Salmon on the Margaree 28/25 Remembering Life on Scatari Island 14/27 Remembering Mail and Snow and Roads and Mud 16/43 Remembering St. Paul's Island, Part One 5/13 Remembering Those Rum-Run? ning Days 11/1 Remembering the "Aspy" 13/1 Remembering the Pleasant Bay Fire 29/BC Rev. Charlie MacDonald Shoes Bad Horses 22/IFC Rita & Rory Murphy & Moon- shining Days 14/1 Rita MacNeil of Big Pond 27/22 Robin Stuart, Salmon Farmer 41/30 Rod and Rheta Campbell, Marion Bridge 24/9 Rose Grant Young, Crane Operator 37/15 Sam Glode: Travels of a Micmac 35/21 Seal Hunting out of Cheticamp 46/ 50 Serving on the Mine Rescue Team 31/47 Shipwreck on the Cheticamp Coast, 1823 26/19 Sid TImmons: Pit Stories 48/IFC Sinking of the "Caribou" Ferry, The 10/23 St. Ann's Day Mission, Chapel Island 40/31 Starting with Our Cover Photo? graph... 30/1 FC Steve Whitty, Ingonish Beach, A Visit With 36/64 Stories from the Clyburn Valley 49/1 Story of the Cheticamp Rug, Ttie 19/42 Strike in Steel & the Min? ers' Sympathy Strike, The 1923 22/1 Sydney Harbour in the Second World War 13/27 Theodore Rideout: "I Went Sealing" 44/1 FC Three Acadians on the Ice 9/BC Tius Tutty, Codfish and Hand- pick Mining 8/5 j Torquil MacLean and the Eng? lishtown Ferry 2/6 !
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