Page 66 - A Visit With Gertie Boutilier Turnbull
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
played that on the fiddle.) Yeah, he'd play that for a waltz, in waltz time. (And would you play those at a dance?) Yeah, we'd play all that at a dance, all those things. When they'd get tired of square-dancing, someone would clap and say, "How about a waltz now?" We'd play the waltzes for them. He'd play the waltz, and I'd chord with the waltz. That would be in the '30s. (Do you think waltzes like that were common in Cape Breton?) Yes, they were. There were a lot of good dancers. Oh, there were days when they used to dance--you could hear their We've got your dream kitchen priced right! • Free designing • Free estimates • Over 75 stain & style combinations • Available: oak, maple, pine -Two-year warranty • FAST DELIVERY S&D; SMITH [C0UP(??' ?? Supplies ~'~~''' CENlR&L; 'SUPPUESH feet just smoothing along the floor. Not like they dance today. They go like high heels today, to me. Too rough. But oh, you'd see them swinging around so graceful. (Would this be the square dance or the waltz?) The waltzes. And even the square dances. Some people, they wouldn't swing-- they'd foxtrot. Just walk along right dainty. Oh, they were all beautiful danc? ers in years gone by. (Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald) was a won? derful player. But one time, the minister was at Coxheath there, at my home. And Al? bert said to him, "Listen to Scotty playing." He said, "Yes. he's a beautiful player. But he makes too much noise with his legs and feet-- with his feet." That's what the minister said. "Oh," Albert said, "he's a lovely player, though. He's a lovely player." So he was a lovely player. Only, when he used to come up to my place--I had hardwood floors. And I remember where he'd sit by the piano, his foot would be going-- the varnish--you could see the white spot com? ing through the varnish. (This would be Scot? ty.) He had the foot going, when he was playing. I never forgot that. I suppose I shouldn't say that, what? I often noticed that. And I used to say to Al? bert, "I'm going to put a mat there. " "Oh, " he said, "don't do J that! Don't do that!" 'puntertop With this coupon "purchase our first-quality countertop at only 95 e??f|>- AfHiu 29*89 SYDNEY 87 Industrial Dr. =:5 562-7000 PMTHiimfTnrTT'T We had a party there one night, and I think there were 7 66
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