Page 68 - A Visit With Gertie Boutilier Turnbull
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
ficers who used to come to the Carpenters Hall and they'd say to Beattie, "Do you know this song?" And Beattie would. And they'd sing. And some of them were lovely singers, those officers off of the ship. She could entertain them, anyway. (Did you yourself grow up with music in your home?) No, but my mother was always singing. She wasn't a bad singer, either, my mother. Hymns, or anything that was go? ing. But my father and his brother, they came from Ireland--the north of Ireland. And they had medals--I don't know what my mother ever did with them. But they could stepdance. They could play the piano. And they could sing anything. The Carlton Show The Best COMPBmiON FORANimm WoRKBi ISGEmNGBACKTOWORK Woikers get injured. When they do, they need compensation. But, not just in the fomi of money. That helps them get over the initial finandal hardships, but it is not a lasting solution. Becoming re-employed is. What these wori<'rs need is an employer who will pive them the opportunity to re-enter the work force. To allow them, once ogain, to be productive, valued employees. . Through the Employer Incentives Program, the WCB substantially reduces the costs incurred by employers who hire injured or aisabled woikers. We'll evaluate the woiker's potential. We'll subsidize retraining costs. We'll assume the cost of any wori(-site modifications to accommodate the woricer. We'll monitor the woricer's performance and provide hill support services to both the employee and employer. All the employer has to do is open the door. To someone like Pauline White. Band--there's Doneaghy there. He sings quite often on the radio, if you ever hear him, in the Carlton Show Band. Well, he's my mother's sister's son's grandson. He's got a lovely voice, too. And his father-- his father has a nice voice. i (So your father would dance in the house?) Yeah, he could do any kind of a dance. Turn himself inside out, my mother often used to say. Would he ever, boys, he was right there. With the first sound of the music, he was up. And get down at the piano, and never took a lesson in his life. And his brother was the same way. His brother played the organ in Amherst. Professor Sternie took sick or something--something happened to him and he took his place in the church playing the or? gan, and he never took a note in his life. But he played the organ for the choir. So it was right, you know-- we'd get it. I get it from my mother and my father. To have it right into you strong, you've got to have it .on both sides of the fence. Don't you think? (Or sometimes it skips a generation, they say.) Yeah, and then goes to the next. Yes, yes. PAULINE WHITE OF NORTH SYDNEY WAS EMPLOYED AS A REGISTERED W[/ff5f when she injured her back while lifting a patient. But, she was a nurse and went back to nursing as soon as possible until her back was further injured, again while lifting a patient. Practical nursing is no longer possible for Pauline. The risk of permanently damaging her back is too great. But, this doesn't mean she will have to leave nursing. Today, with WCB support, Pauline is enrolled at the College of Cape Breton where she is studying for a Bachelor of Nursing degree. She plans to major in psychology. After that, she hopes to work in a hospital helping patients, putting her old and new nursing skills to good use. There are people like Pauline all over Nova Scotia; people who want to continue making a contribution. Please hire an injured worker. Don't confuse disability with inability. For complete information on the Employer Incentives Program, contact: Rehabilitation Department. WORKERS' 5668 South SrniCT SroHiYMcDiCAiAmBiBC. COMPBISATION PostOfficcBoxUSO 336 Kms'Road, Sum 117 BOMiD Of NOVA SCOTIA "'""''"' '"'"''* ''"' *'' ''' '''"''''' '"'' '"'"' *'' '''' lamoHi 902 4244529 Teiei>home 902 5646451 (But you yourself, now, what instruments did you play, coming up?) Just the piano and a mouth organ. (When did you start the mouth organ?) Oh, well, you know, when I was a little kid, I loved it. We used to go to the 15C store and get them for 15C. If I got ahold of 15C I'd always get the mouth organ, in a fun? ny queer little box that you couldn't keep it very long, it was all gone to pieces. (Did Beattie have a long career?) Oh my goodness, yes, since she was about 8 years old, she started to play the piano. We were in the house that they tore down--the old homestead. I lived over there 9 years with my in-law people. One time, we were en? gaged at two dances. J
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