Page 74 - A Visit With Gertie Boutilier Turnbull
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
hand. And Jack was sitting there, and Jack turned around and looked at him like that! Oh, it was fun! (Your first husband--did you fall in love with him?) No. I don't think. I think he liked me at first better than I liked him. (Why did you get married, then?) I don't know. (Oh, you must have some idea.) I'd tell Gary, but I wouldn't tell you! (You'll tell me!) Yes. You know they say, "The first month is honey month, and the second month is pie." And of course, the third month, you know, "You get out and work as well as I." And I guess that's the way I considered it! That's right--that's an old saying. But I could say something worse than that. I'm putting the polite way on. But that's really right. (I don't want to force you to say anything you don't want to say. But, why did you get married?) Well. I don't know. Fun and fancy. Just the fun and the fancy of it, to do it. I bet (Gary) a hundred dollars that I wasn't going to live till Christmas. (Gary: You'd better be saving your pen- 'A man who has not read a book in the past year is not safe to walk the streets of a democracy." • Fr. Jimmy Tompkins The Co-operative Stores of Cape Breton salute the pioneers of Co-operative l-lousing on their I 50th anniversary. CO-OP In 1938, these men and women built the first co-op homes in Canada, in what became Tompkinsvilie. Their example is part of our continuing education, and of our pride. Central Co-op Mabou Co-op Port Hood Co-op St. Margarets Village Mabou Port Hood Boisdale Co-op Boisdale Shean Co-op Inverness Strait Co-op Port Hawkesbury Neil's Harbour Co-op Neil's Harbour West Arichat Co-op West Arichat Cheticamp Co-op Margaree Co-op Bras d'Or Co-op Cheticamp Margaree Forks Bras d'Or Modern Co-op 125 Reserve St. Glace Bay Whycocomagh Co-op Whycocomagh Sydney Co-op 521 Prince St. Sydney And we congratulate Cape Breton's Magazine on its 50th issue of something worth reading about Cape Breton Island. nies, 'cause I'm collecting.) (This coming Christmas!) This coming Christ? mas. (Well, I'm surely glad I got here in time!) Yes, I bet him a hun? dred dollars. You know, I get thinking in the bed in the nighttime: well now, who am I going to have for my pallbear? ers? I'm going to have all my grandchildren. Well that's a sure sign that death is coming, surely coming, isn't it? (Oh, I don't know. You love your grand? children, and you're not a young woman, and I think that's just a sure sign that you think of the fact that you're older, and that you will die some day.) I got to.... You know, a wom? an said to me one day, "My soul, look at Mrs. Albert. I thought you died years ago." And they said, "We'll have to take you out in a field and shoot you!" I had that said to
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