Page 93 - From Ruth Whitehead's Micmac Album
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
same day, in the afternoon, we brought our ship to an anker In the harborow: and the same we tooke three hogsheads and an halfe of traine, and some 300 of greene fish. Also in the euening three of the Sauages, whose boat we had, came vnto vs for their boat; to whom we gaue coats and kniues, and restored them their boat againe. The next day, being the first of July, the rest of the Sauages came vnto vs, among whom was their king, whose name is Itary, and their queene, to whom also we gaue coats and kniues and other trifles. These Sauages called the harborow Cibo (Sydney). Charles Leioh. Captain pf fhe Speedwell, out pf Lgndpn There was a large Indian town nearby. No Indians scattered out from it, they stayed in that one place all the time. They had canoes. They torched on the river for salmon, trout, eels. They used moose meat • dried it, toasted it on the fire to brown it, like bread. When any white people came to the shore, they ran away afraid. Mary Doucet Newell 1 C A??' ?? But one day going to walk in our meadows along the I QUO ?? river, I drew near to Membertou's cabin, and did write in my table-book part of that which I understood, which is written there yet in these terms: haloet ho ho he he ha ha haloet ho ho he. which they did repeat divers times. The tune is in my said table-book in these notes: re fa sol sol re sol sol fa fa re re sol sol fa fa. One song being ended, that all made a great exclamation, saying E! Then began again another song, saying: Egrigna hau egriqna he he hu hu ho ho egrigna hau hau hau. The tune of this was: fa fa fa sol sol fa fa re re sol sol fa fa re fa fa sol sol fa. Having made the usual exclama? tion, they began yet another song which was: Tameia alleluia tameia dou veni hau hau he he. The tune whereof was: gpl sqI SPl fa fa re rg re fa fa sol fa sol fa fa re re. I attentively harkened upon this workd al? leluia repeated sundry times, and could never hear any other thing. Marc lescart'ot ' /' -| ' "1 Q ?? '''?y ''' '" "? '''? ungrateful to each other, ?? Ol l"IO? and share everything. No one would dare to re? fuse the request of another, nor to eat without giving him a part of Keddy's Sydney Hotel 600 King's Rd., Sydney, N. S. KEDDY'S 218 ROOMS Air Conditioned Colour Cable TV Licensed Dining Daily Features Restaurant Hours: 7 A.M. - 2 P.M. / 5 P.M. -10 P.M. Coffee Shop Hours: 6 A.M. - MIDNIGHT Featuring Our Indoor Recreation Facility -- '>Pool ? Sauna • Whirlpool Bath ** Oasis Pool Bar ? Games Machines ENTERTAINMENT & DANCING NIGHTLY AT lUORV'S LOUNGE For Reservations Phone 539-1140 Toll Free Reservations Phone 1-800-561-7666 ggbriel, Jgtfgg Dgtftfs' guitfg. nggr Sydngy. I9th Cgntgry what he has. Once when we had gone a long way off to a fishing place, there passed by five or six women or girls, heavily burdened and weary; our people through courtesy gave them some of our fish, which they immediately put to cook in a kettle, that we loaned them. Scarcely had the kettle begun to boil when a noise was heard, and other Savages could be seen coming; then our poor women fled quickly into the woods, with their kettle only half boiled, for they were hungry. The reason of their flight was that, if they had been seen, they would have been obliged by a rule of politeness to share with the newcomers their food,which was not too abundant. We had a good laugh then; and were still more amused when they, after having eaten, seeing the said Savages around our fire, acted as if they had never been near there and were about to pass us all by as if they had not seen us before, telling our people in a whisper where they had "'''Sii'aa's'' Sydney vinyl Siding Sales Ltd. committed to "Quality'' Please call collect for free estimate & literature 95 Johnstone Street, Sydney 562-0421
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