Page 102 - With John J. and Sadie Theriault
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
cows and a pig and hens. nice farm here. Oh yeah, we had a (And of course, when he was away....) Sa? die: I had to do it. (And you did it all?) Oh, yes. When milking--I used to keep the cows in there in a pasture, we had them there. When milking time came, I had to lug the baby--I used to take the baby and lay her on a blanket inside the fence. I'd milk the two cows, and then I'd lay the milk out, bring the baby home in the house, and go back and pick the milk up. That's the way I got along when he was away. (And did you have lots of small children at the time?) Oh, just about a year be? tween them all. The last three there were about two years between them, but the first ones were just about a year between them. Always had a baby. John; The only stories she can give you is hard work. She always worked hard. Still working hard, knitting--knitting socks and mats, hooking mats. Yes, that's what she's up to. Two hundred dollars' worth--hook now, and she can sell them in the summer? time. She never stops. Sadie: Yeah, he carried the mail for 15 years on his back to Neil's Harbour. John: Snowshoes, and skis, and skates. I used skates on the crust--skated back and forth over the mountain, where they're coming with the road now. And take my skates off and go into the post office and get the mail, and put it on my back, and come back. Tie my skates on and skate back to where I put them on, going. Harden some more by the next day. And skis, sometimes skis, I'd use skis on my feet. Every way that I could make it easy for me.... She's the daughter of 19--is it? Sadie: There were 19 of us altogether.... There's 12 sisters, and 6 brothers. But 4 of the brothers were stillborn--there's only two.... John: I was 20--I was 21, 22 years old when I fell in love with her. When I was 20, was it? What time we got married? --oh--26. Yeah, I remember it. I was 26 when we got married. I asked her father if he was willing for me and Sadie to get married. "No," he said, "I'm not. There's enough in Smelt Brook now." I said, "The more the merrier, Mr. Dixon," and I walked out. He never could stand one of his daughters to get married. He never gave permission for one of his daughters to get married. I don't think. fici'ure REDISCOVER YOUR HERITAGE Visit the Nova Scotia Highland Village and experience pioneer life as it was from the 1700s to the 1920s. Visit displays of early architecture, including the only ' known replica of a "Taigh Dubh" (Black House) in North America. Our cos? tumed staff are trained in conversational Gaelic and local history. Facilities include an outdoor stage, gift shop, picnic areas and a genealogy program. The village is open daily from June 15 to September 15. Admission is $2.50 adults, $5.00 family and $2.00 seniors. Stay at the Highland Heights Inn when in lona. Located next to Highland Village overlooking the Bras d'Or Lakes, this well-ap? pointed facility offers you comfortable accommodations, home- style cooking, and warm Cape Breton hospitality. The Inn is open June 1st to late October (all three meals served daily). For more information write or phone: N.S. Highland Village Box 58, lona, N.S. BOA iLO (902) 622-2272 Highland Heights Inn Box 19, lona.N.S. BOA ILO (906) 622-2360. Sadie: He never wanted for his chil? dren to leave. Well, we were too good to help--see, he had no help. It was only the girls he had to help. So we used to go into the woods and cut the wood, and he'd haul it. There were 12 girls and only two boys--only one boy at the time--he was the oldest boy. We got up in the morning and go in the woods with him. He'd haul and we'd cut. Then the next thing we'd saw, he'd split. And then the next thing we'd haul it to the woodhouse, and pile it. and cart it in the wood- house. So he didn't want to get rid of the girls--no way. It was his only help he had. (Your mother, was she living?) Oh, yes. She had more to do in the house than she could do. Had 14 to look af? ter. Sixteen altogether, with my fa? ther and mother--there were 14 chil- SHOULD YOU PRE-ARRANGE U FUNERAL? Wayne Weatherbee, Director Today, more than ever before, people are thinking and doing something about the future. Among those concerns for the future is the matter of their plans for their funeral. Sydney Memorial Chapel Ltd. respectfully suggests that it is a good idea to visit your Funeral Director, and together talk these matters over quietly and calmly. He can help you with information as to the different services and their costs, and then he will confirm your arrangements in writing so that your family will know what you wani Sy'dmy Tlemorial Chapel Ltd. 49 Welton Street, Stfcinet' A Non-Denominational Funeral Cliapel 539-0500
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