Page 26 - The Sinking of the 'Caribou' Ferry
ISSUE : Issue 10
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/3/31
her. I threw her overboard. I thotight it was thfe only chance. I saw one woman with a baby. She gave me the child. I passed it on to someone on a raft and she went back for another. She never reappeared. I never saw the baby again either.** He said a number of the lifeboats were smashed in the explosion. "I got on part of one with 12 others • 5 men and 6 women. When we were picked up lliere were only 5 of us left. 4 of the women slid off the upturned shell 'D VO'O? BUILDING SUPPIIES '' '' '' ' 1 Kings Ro'd, Sydney 539-6410 Station St., Port Hawkesbury 625-2600 Op?r?lwl by Maritim* Co*epMrativ? ServlcM ltd. C ape Breton??s Mag azine/26 Phone (902; 794-7251 Cable BRENNANS Telex 019-35149 Night & Holiday 736-8479 794-3178 ...... Brennans *S'%> -I- I A t''t Travel Agency -''iTfik' PURVES STREET, NORTH SYDNEY STEAMSHIP AIRLINE RAIL AND HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS 20 Spacious Rooms with Full Bath & Shower Sun Deck overlooks beautiful Canso Strait Color Television ' Oban Motel ''' and Gift Shop Box 191, Pbrt Hastings, Nova Scotia Telephone 625-1113 OPEN ALL YEAR 'ROUND
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