Page 113 - With John J. and Sadie Theriault
ISSUE : Issue 50
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
won't catch nothing from it. You won't catch nothing from the nicotine that's in tobacco. It kills every kind of germ. That's what the doctor told me. He said that spitting on the floor is a dirty hab? it. But he said, "You won't catch nothing from it. If you were smoking and spitting, you'll catch something from that." (Did you say you used to write poetry quite a bit?) John: Oh yes, I did, worked a lot. In poetry. But it never went any? where. I did it all myself. I just figured it was good for myself, and I let it go at that. I never gave it to anyone but Sadie. I never published it at all. (Would you give it as a gift to friends? Did you do that?) Sadie: Yes, he did. (Were all of your poems sad poems?) Sadie: He wrote one about two of our friends were drowned down here at White Point, which is very good. And he wrote another one about one death--a friend was drowned--one boy-- down at White Point. He wrote that. He gave that around to all of the boys, And they thought it was wonderful. He did a lot. He did a lot. (Why did you write a poem? Let's say when the two boys drowned--why did you write that poem?) Sadie: He was relation to them. And the people asked him if he would write it. His wife. (Oh, they asked you to write the poem.) John: Yeah. Sadie: They used to come here and ask him. he could. They knew John: Did you hear the song I made about (Tommy Fitzgerald)? It was all true. Every word in it was true. There wasn't a line I made up at all. (Why did you write that one?) Well...his mother was her sister. I was Willie Pat's uncle--his father's uncle. So I was relat? ed to them. I thought it pretty tough (for) them. Sadie: They wanted him to make a poem. John: They asked me to. (Would you do that if you were not asked?) I imagine I would. I imagine I would. I imagine that was my way of--I like to do anything, you know. But of course, sometimes it's not right to do those things because they may not like iAXIMUli 80 I Doesn't Cause Accidents. Highway accidents usually happen when motorists fail to adjust their driving to the hazards bad weather can create. Posted speed limits are for ideal conditions, so slow down at the first sign of snow or freezing surfaces. Don't let the superior handling of today's vehicles lull you into a false sense of security. Wet, slushy or slippery roads require far more attention than summer's bare pavement. Remember, it takes more care, more time, and less speed when driving in late autumn and early winter. Now's The Time To Tune Up Your Winter Driving Sliills. Nova Scotia 'ra' Department of ''V. Transportation and Communications Honourable Guy J. LeBlanc Minister The HIGH WHEELER Catering Qg|' * Qg|j * Bakery ''?'' a Specialty 295-3006 Eating IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN BADDECK BRAS DOR WIN-DOR CO. LTD. WINDOWS & DOOR SYSTEMS ' CASEMENTS (HVY. DUTY) • SLIDERS (DELUXE) • SINGLE HUNG (TILT) • ENTRANCE SYSTEMS • PATIO DOORS (Robert 2000) • VINYL SIDING • STORM DOORS • CUSTOM SIZES QUALITY & PRICE OUR EDGE • CUSTOMER SERVICE OUR PLEDGE INSTALLATION AVAILABLE 151 Point Aconi Rd., Bras d'Or, N. S. 544-1010 l/lain St., Reserve l/lines 849-8480
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