Page 11 - California to Cape Breton, 1917
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
sisters that were away?) Away. Yes, they were all home here. (None of them had ever gone to California before?) Oh, no, no, no, no. (So you were the first ones in the family to make this trip.) Yes, absolute? ly. (Your father had never been to Cali? fornia.) Oh, no, no, no.... (When you came here to North River, did you travel around you with the car much, or did you pretty, well stay put?) We (stayed) put, because we didn't have the money to buy the gasoline--a dollar a gal? lon. We went up to Margaree to see our brother and his wife and family--Rhoda. And we stayed there one night. We took my father and mother, and my invalid sister. I think 7 of us piled into that car, the old car, and went into the mountains, away up to Margaree. Was it Margaree that she lived at? (Big Baddeck?) Big Baddeck--that was it. It was Father's first wife that lived at Margaree. And we went up there, and we stayed all night. But that was the extent of our travels. Except going to the church up there some? place, way over there...North Shore.... (How many cars were at the church?) Just our car. (Was your car quite a sensation? Were there a lot of people talking around the car?) Yes. And another thing: the minister told us to get out before they all--my mother got mad, oh, my mother was mad. (What, he didn't like the idea of the car?) Just (he said), "There's visi? tors. They have a car, and I wish they would leave be? fore the congregation'd get out." (He didn't approve of the car.) Oh, no. (Mother) didn't approve of--she said, "Why didn't he say, 'Let the visitors stay here, and let the congrega? tion go'?" But he drove us out of there first. (And did you leave first?) Yes. (And you were gone before the congregation...?) Well, we tried to get the--of course, there were a lot of horses tied... (Were there any other cars around North River?) No, no. No, of course not. We were the first car ever to cross the Strait of Canso from California. (It was a Model A Ford?) Model T Ford. (Did Ford advertise your trip or write it up?) No, no. We stopped at De? troit, and we went in there to see what they would do about the tires. We thought maybe they might do something. But they didn't do a thing--they didn't even give us a.... I think they gave Mar? shall and Chris some maps or something-- I've forgotten--something--it didn't amount to anything, anjrway. But they didn't do a thing. And what a wonderful ad that would have been for Ford. (What did your trip cost you?) Oh. The mile? age was 10,398 miles--that was the round trip from Los Angeles, here, and back again. (Was there a speedometer on the Functional Stoneware and Custom Dinnerware Turnstone Pottery WHEELTHROWN Studio and Showroom on the HartKJur 226-3004 Arichat, Isle Madame Jack Ouellette, Potter People In The Same Boat *- • I I . : nig Help One Another In our multiracial and ethnic origin, national origin, multicultural province women physical or mental disability, and men of all ages and sex, marital status, age and abilities can build a society of source of income. But the best peace and prosperity protection against together. discrimination is YOU. Your The Nova Scotia Human attitude and behaviour are Rights Act prohibits the best guarantees that discrimination on the basis of equal opportunity is indeed race, religion, colour, creed, for all of us. HEAD OFFICE REGIONAL OFHCES P.O.Box 2221 Basin Place Provincial 176 Archimedes St. Halifax. N.S. 68 Water St Bldg. P.O. Box 728 B3J3C4 P.O. Box 1029 Prince St. New Glasgow. N.S. 424-4111 Digby. N.S. Sydney. N.S. B2H 2P8 or 424-7690 BOV lAO B1P5L1 752-3075 245-4791 563-2140 Human Rights Commission Honourable Thomas J. Mclnnis Minister
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