Page 24 - A Visit with Max Basque, Whycocomagh
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
out in the woods hunting, and the father all of a sudden felt that something was wrong.) Oh yes, that was Grandfather Sack. Yes, Grandfather Sack's father was Peter Sack. They were hunting, and Isaac Sack was only a boy. They were going through the woods, and Isaac, my grandfather, was walking ahead. He said first thing his fa? ther stopped him real quick. He said, "Wait a minute, boy," and Great-Grand? father looked. "Something telling me to stop." So he looked around, and my grand? father said he looked around. Said, "Some? thing just told me to stop," and he looked all around. Fi? nally he started looking around on the ground and finally he got a stick, start tapping the ground and, by golly, WHAM, a bear trap! It snapped right on the stick and chopped it in half. When they & ART GALLERY FINE HANDCRAFTS & PAINTINGS BELLE ISLE LINCOLN MERCURY ~ SENIOR SERVICE ~ • Any Make Car Care Plan for Senior Citizens • FREE Loaner Car on Overnight Repairs • FREE Pick Up and Delivery of Your Car • FREE Tow to Our Service Department • FREE 20% Off on Ford Parts • FREE 20% Off on Repairs Done Here • FREE Life Insurance on Car Loans • FREE I. D. Card BELLE ISLE LINCOLN MERCURY SALES LTD. 195 Prince St., Sydney "At the Tracks" 539-9292 come home, he told the rest about it, he said, "Pure luck, something told me to stop. I got the notion to stop, and for a long while I couldn't make up my mind why I should stop. I thought I should start tapping, and it was a bear trap." He said, "Just where I had stopped. If we had gone any farther, it'd have grabbed the boy." Sort of ghost stories, spooky stories. And I thought about that here when my grand? mother died in Maine and the rapping come at the window. And when they found out just how she died, said that must been about the time she died. Because she was baby-sitting while these two girls--call them girls-- Aunt Libby and Aunt Sarah--and their hus? bands went to a dance. And their mother looked after the kids, baby-sitting, and they stayed late, and they came home, oh, way late. They found her dead on the floor on top of a bunch of records.... She was laying on top of the records. This old spring-wound gramophone was run right down, and she had her favourite record on it. She was playing her favourite record, and fell on the floor--her heart. And my moth? er said, "Well, the girls said they came home late; that must be the same time that rapping came at the window." Just like Great- Grandfather Sack, something told him to stop, otherwise his boy would have been caught in that bear trap. My grandfather, Isaac Sack, he was visiting down at old James Paul's place, and James Paul he had a--well, it was more likely a cari? bou hide, because there were no deer here then--he had this bit of a moose hide, and that was his bed, near the stove. He had this old Waterloo stove., very like old William Paul at Shubie, and that was his favourite spot--there'd be room between the stove and the wall. That's where he'd sit in this spot, so he could put in the wood, now and again. There was no central heat then, and none of the houses were even finished, they's just a frame house. Well, he said, this old gent was a-sitting by the stove, and he said, "The old lady made us all a cup of tea." Said, "We were all drinking tea, and after awhile," says, "the old lady made the rounds, an? other round a cup of tea." They really drank (tea) , no sugar or milk. He said the
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