Page 33 - Percy Peters and the Wild Cow
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
And so I said--we had dinner here. I said, "I'm going to head down where I think this cow is hanging out." So we walked down af? ter, and we went down in the back here to the brook. Big brook--that's the big brook that goes through the city and causes all the trouble. The Wash Brook, they call it. You've heard of it, probably. Go down by the City Hospital. Well, that runs from all the way in back there. Several lakes, and big barrens. Anyway. By gracious, we went about 200 feet in towards the brook and we heard this crashing. We were talking, of course, and she heard our voices, and out she come. And of course, we were on a bit of a path, and we jumped and sidestepped her, and she went by us. But she was looking. In the meantime, my brother Bill was home from Halifax. He went out that way, from another farm up the road there, on horse? back. And he had a rifle. And when she got by us, she took off. We watched the direc? tion. She was on the run, too. And her head going, looking, looking, looking, to see where we were. She was--looking for prey. So an3rway, we hollered to him as hard as we could. Wind was favourable and he could get it in the wind direction. "She's heading your way! Watch her!" So--she came out. And he was sitting on horseback. And she went so fast across the field--head was flying sideways. And she hadn't been touched yet--we hadn't had a shot at her. So she stopped when she got Boutiliers' Music Shops Cape Breton's Newest Locally-Owned Musical Outlet Dealers for Quality Brand Name Pianos • Guitars • Electronic Keyboards PA Rentals Piano & Guitar Instruction We sell a complete line of top quality musical instruments and accessories. Visit our showroom and try the products for yourself. You will like the variety and price. Layaway plan available. No interest for 2 months. ' We're Open Monday through Saturday ~ Cape Breton Shopping Centre 39 Keltic Drive Sydney River, N. S B1S1P4 :S:?? 562-0018 Music Keyboards Guitars Reeds Horns Violins Bagpipes Chanters Amplifiers PA Systems All Supplies We're people you can talk to" over in the woods. Just in the edge of the alders. So she turned back and she saw the horse--this, I guess, attracted her. So he took a shot at her, and he hit her right on the edge of the horn. And of course, the con? cussion of the shot knocked her down. But she got up again. I didn't see this, but he did. Well, she got up and she crashed that barbed-wire fence and she fol? lowed up through the woods. Well, there was a bit of blood when we got there. There was a bit of blood came off of the pith of the horn--there wasn't anything. We went over--he showed us where he fired. When we got over, oh, just a little lick and spit of blood here, on a leaf, and a little on a fern. And then there'd be a long ways before. Well, we tracked her all afternoon. And couldn't get her. The further she went, the less blood was coming. It was only super? ficial, you know. An5rway. We went up, away up in the woods. And then it clouded over and it began to shower a little, just light. So, I smoked at that time. We stopped and took a package of cigarettes and had a smoke. And my son and his un? cle were down on the wood road, not too far from us. We had to keep everybody in line HIGHLAND OFFICE PRODUCTS _-- _ YOUR COMPLETE Canon BUSINESS MACHINE DEALER SALES * SERVICE * LEASING Canon PLAIN PAPER COPIERS a835SERIES * Dual Colour • Innage Editor Automatic Document Feeder 35 Copies a Minute • Duplexing Canon rJ Halftone I Reproduction • 16 Shades of Grey • Speed Dialing • High Speed Transmission ?>// "Canon • State-of-the-Art I Electronic Typewriter • 700-Character Correction Memory • "UNDO" Key • 8-Line Back-lit Liquid Crystal Display ' Highland Office Products Reeves Building Call Today For 22 Maple Street A Demonstration iS'-'- 539-2677 Serving All of Cape Breton with Quality Business Machines . (33)
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