Page 35 - Percy Peters and the Wild Cow
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
to myself, "I don't know what to do. If I miss her, and she comes at me, if she sees me, I have no way to get away." So I kept, got a bead on her, and I fired. And boy, I saw something flying out the other side of her. Well, I shot her right through the corner of the mouth and cut the tongue off--the bullet. The tongue went flying across the field. Any? way, that's a kind of a shame--I couldn't help it. I tried to get her in the side of the head--that was my purpose of fir? ing at the head. And anyway, she turned and come up the field. And she got in amongst the cattle. And I could see the blood on the white side of her face. I didn't hit her where it was vital at all. But anyway sheicame up, and they tried to get a shot. And you had to be careful where we were shooting--she was on the gallop, so you had to be careful. Anjrway, my brother was home that (day) , and he came up across the field there. So he was going to try to head her back. And I hollered, "Don't get in her way--she'11 get right onto you." And she would, too. And by gracious, he didn't leave a time enough, and by gracious, she took after him. And he turned to run, and she got him right in the rear end on her horns and just lifted him right up in the air--threw him up in the air. When he came down, she struck him in the back of the head, here, with the horns--right in the back of the-- behind the ear. And then she tried to jump on him. Well, I ran, and I had the gun ready, to distract her from him, 'cause she was going to jump on him. And she came after me. Well, then her at? tention was drawn to another fellow. She went over after him. Well, you had to be careful how you shot--somebody'd get shot, you know. So anyway. My son got a shot at her, hit her right in the side of the horn close to the head. Well, that kind of put her off balance a little and she got a little be? wildered, and she went in circles.... She turned, and then another fellow got anoth- Two Tunes Made by Carl MacKenzie for Percy Peters Percy Peters' Reel Carl MacKenzie m P m m f". IP T'?? f m . P ' "T" P ?? P. f T' 0 f 0 . P* G Minor Percy Peters' Strathspey ir Carl MacKenzie Cape Breton's Original English Recipe! StfeliordiFin Ji0t| 'n (EiitttHlItli. And We're Open in Halifax, Too!... 539-8188 76 Townsend St. Sydney 794-3555 Next to North Sydney Mall North Sydney 420-0477 6186 Quinpool Road Halifax 562-6745 849-5150 863-2866 "The Oasis" Sterling Mall Antigonish Mall Sydney Shopping Centre Glace Bay Antigonish ~ HOME STYLE PROCESS ~ The Fish and Chips Specialists
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