Page 46 - "It is Wrong, Wrong to Dance"?? An Introduction to Cheticamp-Area Dance Prohibition with Folklorist Barbara LeBlanc
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
that. And so people mated--you know, found a partner, and then married that partner for life. And it was really one of the very few opportunities for that type of thing to happen. So that in itself, the Bell Buoy Restaurant ;'i0' SEAFOOD ' "Fresh from the Shoreline" Steaks * Poultry * Sandwiches ySS'/ ''Luncheon Menu * Children's Menu '*''' Two Separate Dining Rooms * Fully Licensed Baddeck, N. S. 295-2581 I We've got your dream kitchen priced right! • Free designing • Free estimates • Over 75 stain & style combinations • Available: oak, maple, pine • Two-year warranty • FAST DELIVERY S&D; SMITH I I I 11 I I I Supplies '*'~~~'''' church was trying to ban something that, in effect, was controlling the very thing they wanted anyway. Which was, you know, a family unit, an ordered society.... I think within all that, the important thing is that somewhere, somehow, dancing is there. People are going to dance. You know, dancing is not going to die. People still dance. I mean, one of the major rec? reations in a place like Cheticamp, or even in the Scottish communities today, is still dancing, whether it's winter or summer. You know, there's going to be a dance every weekend. If you look at something like the Oran (newspaper) in the summertime, in one night there can be 5 or 6 dances in the confines of a small area. So, dancing it? self is not going to disappear. But the styles will change. And that's just nor? mal. It's just like, we don't wear today what we wore a hundred years ago. But we still dress. We don't go out in the snow bare. So, dancing won't die; it's just, the forms will change. But it's nice to know what the other forms were. It's kind of just histori? cal . And that people could do it if they wanted to. Because maybe in a hundred years they'll want to see what they did. iCOXTPON - Countertop J With this coupon 'purchase our first-quality countertop at only $6.95 per tin. ft. expires no August 31,1989, CENlR&L; <'SUPPUES SYDNEY 87 Industrial Dr. 562-7000 'T'l/ll/illl W Especially those older dances, people don't even remember the names any more of those three older dances. If Si? monne Voyer hadn't tran? scribed those in the '50s, I would never have been able to recon? struct them now. There wouldn't have been enough in the memory, I don't think, of people. Maybe. Maybe that one
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