Page 47 - "It is Wrong, Wrong to Dance"?? An Introduction to Cheticamp-Area Dance Prohibition with Folklorist Barbara LeBlanc
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/1/1
woman who--she's now in her 90's, I think --who got the group together (for Simonne Voyer). But it would have been more vague, I think I hope (our talk) was useful. I'm afraid sometimes I'm not down-to-earth enough, perhaps, for the kind of thing you'd like to do in the magazine. And I'm really some? one that's coming back, interested in some? thing that's me, but that I didn't live. I'm interested because I know that that's part of me, even though I didn't live it. And it's probably, too, it's probably searching--it's kind of a ridiculous search for an identity which probably can never be regained. It's almost a searching for some kind of--you know, it's a kind of a roman? tic search, sure, I bet it's that, too. I'm sure if I did an analysis of why I did that, there'd be all kind of things like that that would come out. Why should I want to look at that? You know. 1. C'est par un beau dimanche la belle est dans sa chambre. (bis) 11 lui apparut un homme qui lui parlait soudain ir dit: Ma pauvre fille je sais votre dessein (bis) 2. Votre dessein la belle c'est d'vous-y-marier (bis) Si vous voulez m'aimez et retiendre mes amours Au bout de six semaines vous serez marine (bis) La fiancee du diable 3. Au bout de six semaines la belle elle s'y marie (bis) Elle s'en va-t-d I'eglise devant tous ses parents Le diable est par derriere qui la poussait de pr's (bis) 4. T'en souviens-tu la belle I'autre jour dans ta chambre (bis) L'autre jour dans ta chambre qa c'tu m'avais promis C'est aujourd'hui la belle qu'il me faudra partir (bis) 5. Oh! grand Dieu! c'est-il dure d'aller dans ces enters (bis) D'aller dans ces enters pour une 6t6rnit6 D'aller dans ces enters grand Dieu qu'elle cruaut6! (bis) 6. Fille de mon pays sur moi prenez t'exemple (bis) N'allez jamais aux danses ni aux veiil's du soir C'est ga c'qui m'y cause le plus grand de mes d'sespoirs (bis) 1. It Is a beautiful Sunday The beautiful one is in her room, (repeat) She sees a man who spoke to her suddenly He said: My poor girl I know your intention, (repeat) 2. Your Intention my beautiful one is to get married, (repeat) If you want to love me and keep my love At the end of six weeks you will be married, (repeat) The Devil's Fiancee 3. At the end of six weeks the beautiful one gets married, (repeat) She goes to the church In front of all her relatives The devil was following behind close to her and pushing her. (repeat) 4. Do you remember my beautiful one the other day in your room, (repeat) The other day In your room that which you promised me It's today my beautiful one that you must leave, (repeat) 5. Oh! great God! that it was difficult to go to this hell, (repeat) To go to this hell for eternity To go to this hell great God, what cruelty! (repeat) 6. Daughter from my country from me take example, (repeat) Never go to public dances nor to houseparties That is what caused the worst of my despair, (repeat) ANOTHER SONG ABOUT DANCE AND THE DEVIL ON THE NEXT PAGE The newly renovated Inverness Lodge HOTEL & MOTEL ?? Licensed Family Dining ?? Coloured Cable TV • 26 Units • Full Baths & Summer Trailer Sites with Hook-Ups Overlooking the Sunset View of the Ocean ~ Supervised Beach ~ We are located in the Heart of Inverness Town (902)258-2193 OPEN YEAR ROUND Your Hostess: Heather Stright Year 'Round Christmas Shop Le .Brignolet k ' FINE Girrs J Maritime and Canadian Handcrafts and Souvenirs Folk Art and Country Gifts Quality Brass and Imported Gifts Kitchen and Bath Shop 15 PRINCE STREET SYDNEY BIP 5J4 539-7338 47
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