Page 59 - A Funny Gaelic Story for the Serious Learner
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
The Story in English Now, I don't know--probably there's another word for mailbox. (I doubt that there was in the 15th century!) No, I don't think. So I see material that comes over from Scot? land, and there's an English word stuck in here and there, wherever--as you say, like television, and things that came into being within the last number of years. (Now, I'll make you tell me the story in English.) Oh, in English. And I'm always afraid, when I'm telling the story--because sometimes I change the names of the sis? ters- -and I think, "Is it Morag that left home, or is it Anna!" So I'm never sure. And I wouldn't like to make that mistake, but anyway.... (It's just important that one of them gets out.) Or, that the cat gets out! Evelyn laughs. But I'd like to add a little bit to that, that maybe the cat by that time has got so old that she doesn't care whether she goes out or not! Anyway, this is the story, as was told by Donald Angus MacLeod from Lewis, Scotland --an elder in the Free Church in Scotland. Anna and Sarah were two sisters who lived in a little cottage by the side of the road in Harris, Scotland. They were young sisters, and they weren't married. They were very fussy housekeepers. They wanted everything to be just so in their little cottage. They had one cat, a female cat. And they didn't allow the cat to go out, day or night, winter or summer. And T think you know the reason why. They were afraid if the cat went out. that she would become pregnant. And if you get a few kit? tens around in your house, they can upset things, and they didn't want that. So the poor cat wasn't allowed to go out. And I'm quite sure that there were many times, when the male cats would come call? ing, when the cat would be very happy if she could have gone out. MACLEOD'S TRUCKING ltd. BIG ENOUGH TO GIVE GOOD SERVICE • SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOUR NAME! After a period of time, Sarah went over to, as we say, the mainland, to look for work. And she did get work there after awhile. And things were going well. And Anna was home alone with the cat. And as happens quite often, after awhile Sarah met up with a nice young man, and they started court? ing. And after awhile, they decided that they'd get married. Which they did. And they went on their honeymoon. And Anna was left home, waiting each day patiently, wondering if there would be a letter come from Sarah, and as to how she was getting along on her honeymoon. Days went by and the mail would come, and there was no letter. But finally this day she saw the mailman stopping at the mail? box, and he put a large envelope into the box. And she ran out, and she thought, "Oh, I'm going to get news from Sarah now as to how everything is going on her hone3rmoon." She ran into the house and she ripped open the envelope. But when she looked on the sheet inside the envelope, there was noth? ing written on it, but in big bold let? ters, these four words: "Let out the cat!" We welcome suggestions from readers of other funny Gaelic items for the serious learner. They can be proverbs, jokes, poetry, or whatever--perhaps something from your childhood. Write to Cape Breton's Magazine. Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia BOC IHO. Our thanks to Catriona Nic Tom- hair Parsons, instructor in Gaelic at The Gaelic College, St. Ann's, for help in' transcribing the Gaelic. 539-0070 562-7093 Oceanside Assistance Group Limited Providing Small Business Development Assistance Renwick Place 17 Commercial St. Glace Bay, N. S. B1A3B9 Tel. 849-0544 Ncrth Sydney Mall - With Over 26 Shops and Services - Starcade 794-8274 Peoples Store 794-4900 Schwartz 794-3567 Direct Film 794-3440 Guys & Gals 794-4409 Pipes & Things 794-8305 Jean Gallery 794-8244 Carlton Cards 794-7151 Workout Fashions 794-4997 Super Touch Ts 794-8330 Household Finance 794-4735 Island Fashion 794-4997 Nova Scotia Liquor Commission 794-4917 Co-operators Insurance 794-4788 Employment Centre 554-3510 Shoppers Drug Mart 794-7211 Cape Breton Video 794-7783 Sherry's Treats & Beverages Chantelle's Dining Room & Lounge Agnew Alteens Zeilers Sears Sobeys Maher Sports Den 794-8245 794-3429 794-3513 794-7206 794-3610 794-8088 794-3963 794-8810 Routei 125/ Exit/ K2J King Street . /NortiNv Peppett >s,'S/ Street X. VIA Ral 116 King St., North Sydney, N. S. B2A3R7 Phone: (902)794-4703 or 794-4704 59
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