Page 62 - C.B. Resources and Industries, 1816 A Sketch of Memorandums on the Local and Natural Advantages of the Island of Cape Breton
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
The Oak and Elm are top-rooted; all the others Stool. There cannot be any doubt but that the timber of Cape Breton might be appropriat? ed to many valuable purposes and form a very profitable and exten? sive commerce-every-where affords fine and suitable streams for saw-mills and the various species of timber procured in any form, di? mension and quantity. Soil and climate The Soil in every part of the Island, except towards the seashore and the mountains towards Cape North and some few spruce barrens, is extremely rich and fertile and capable of yielding on cultivation ail the species of Grain, corn, seeds, roots and vegetables in high perfec? tion. Hemp & flax grow very luxuriant. Indian Corn to great perfec? tion. Potatoes in particular are produced in astonishing crops. 30 for one is a common produce. A Gentleman farmer once came to the author to make oath to the produce of his crop of potatoes and had actually written out an affidavit stating that the produce was one thousand bushels from ten planted-he was not permitted to make the affidavit, for on consideration and inspection of the ground plant? ed, it was found that the space could not contain 1000 Bushels if packed close on the surface. The crop was very great perhaps from 50 to 60 for one.-lt was new ground of a light soil. Weather. The Climate is remarkably healthy and salubrious; notwith? standing the changes in weather are very rapid and severe. Sydney River which is one mile wide near the town has frequently been crossed on the ice by persons who had 16 hours before crossed it in a boat. Snow is sometimes 5 feet deep upon a level, and no travel- ling but on snow shoes. Fogs are never known at Sydney nor further to the northward than the Island of Scatterie. May is the most unpleasant month in the Year. June, July and August are Seldom too hot for labour. Septem? ber, October and November are delightful months: a clear, serene sky and pure air prevail, sometimes, to January. Aurora Borealis is very beautiful in this Island especially after a dry summer, it shoots with the most rapid and vivid rays. Thunder: is very seldom heard. This description is from the Colonial Office records. Series 217. CXXXIV. 1816. It appears in the book CANADIAN ECONOMIC DOC? UMENTS, the section called "The Economic Life of the Maritime Provinces." We have normalized some of the punctuation. fW' Need a New Windshield? Your Local Auto Glass Company If we can save your windshield, your Insurance will pay the full cost. 6 Liberty St. 'Rd'd'Ol Across from Ron May Pontiac '??/v*T T%/' f St. Peters Drug Store Ltd, Don Stone, Ph. C, Proprietor Open 6 Days a Week Monday to Friday open until 8 p.m. Saturday open until 5 p.m. 535-2203 St. Peters, Richmond County, N. S. Home of the PEERLESS ' • Al0??i- SHOWPLACE • 'y'' A Division of // %'' Provincial Floorina Ltd. > Provincial Flooring Ltd. 'Qo 400 GEORGE ST., SYDNEY P. O. Box 1660, Sydney. N. S. Bl P 6T7 Telephone: 562-8453 Since 1914 H. H. Marshall Limited Corporate Head Office Halifax, N.S. 3731 Macintosh Street B3K5N5 "WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF PERIODICALS & BOOKS" 4'' Keddy's Sydney Hotel 600 King's Rd., Sydney, N. S. KEDDY'S 218ROOIUIS Air Conditioned Colour Cable TV ST. JOHN'S BRANCH OFFICES CHARLOTTETOWN SYDNEY H. H. Marshall LIMITED, 103 York St., Sydney (539-3220) DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOMED "H. H. MARSHALL LIMITED TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN OUR COMMUNITY AND THE MANY PEOPLE WE SERVE. IT HAS GIVEN US OUR VALUED HERITAGE AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO AN EXCITING FUTURE." Licensed Dining Daily Features Restaurant Hours: 7 A.M. - 2 P.M. / 5 P.M. -10 P.M. Coffee Shop Hours: 6 A.M. - MIDNIGHT Featuring Our Indoor Recreation Facility ~ ''Pool • Sauna o Whirlpool Bath ?? Oasis Pool Bar • Games Machines ENTERTRrNMENT & DRNCING NIGHTLY RT lUORV'S LOUNGE For Reservations Phone 539-1140 Toll Free Reservations Phone 1-800-561-7666
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