Page 76 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
Junior Miners Oust (North Sydney) Franklins. L. to r., Cinderella Miners' Angus l/lacNeii, Fred Courtney, Murray IVlatheson, Gus MacDougall, Bob MacKenzie. "MacNeil, Courtney, and MacKenzie each scored once, while iVlacDougall potted a pair in the 5-4 win which gave them the semi-final series 5 games to 3. Miners trailed 3-1 at one time, but won 4 straight." Photo by Abbass. And that was the end of it. They had the best of jackets. We had two or three ban? quets for them. A lot of press at the time. That's where the Cinderella Miner part of it came in. Somewhere around the time the turn-around fook place, somebody tabbed them the "Cinderella" Miners be? cause we had come from nowhere and now were representing first Glace Bay, then Cape Breton, then the Maritimes--you know, the whole route. (How did that team, with a lot of heart but no wins, how did they turn around?) Wexl, they turned around mainly, I suppose, be? cause of the acquisition of those 4 players. It added some goal-scoring strength, with Bob MacKenzie and Slim Mc? Kinnon and Angus MacDougall, certainly add? ed some power to the scoring ability of the team. (And Bobby Andrea added some strength in goal, as a back-up goaltender.) And I suppose in fairness, trying to re? member back, I'd have to say that it was because they were able to realign the lines, and form stronger lines. And proba? bly, common sense tells me, they must have been able to have formed 4 lines instead of 3. And I suppose the team caught fire, too, because they had the addition of some players and they figured, "Now we can win some games." They had a new directorate, who were behind them a hundred per cent. The crowds started coming out. Well, everybody felt confident we had the ability to do it now, we had the people behind us to do it, we had the fans coming out, cheering us on. And I suppose a com? bination of those three things were the magic recipe that jelled it all together. (Okay, so did they start winning right away?) I remember when we tied, the first time we tied. Oh, geez, it was a big deal! We finally tied a game. And then they started to win. SHOULD YOU PRE-ARRANGE ?? ?? P [f? FUNERAL? Today, more than ever before, people are thinking and doing something about the future. Among those concerns for the future is the matter of their plans for their funeral. Sydney Memorial Chapel Ltd. respectfully suggests that it is a good idea to visit your Funeral Director, and together talk these matters over quietly and calmly. He can help you with information as to the different services and their costs, and then he will confirm your arrangements in writing so that your family will know what you want. Wayne Weatherbee, Director Sifiineti n'emoriaC Cfiapet Ltct. 49 Welton Street, SifcCnetp A Non-Denominational Funeral Chapel 539-0500
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