Page 80 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
And then they themselves, as they got go? ing, when they did eventually (win) a couple of games during the season--then they got to believe in themselves, that nobody could beat them. And I remember when we played Halifax in our rink, we won. And then we go into the Halifax rink, and the first game, we won. So, you know-- it should be over. (But) the next game (in Halifax), we lost. Well, I was convinced-- I remember talking to (now Senator) Al Graham about it--Al Graham was broadcast? ing the games. And I remember talking to him about it. That night that team, I'm sure, in the back of their minds they wanted to get back here, into this atmos? phere- -knowing they could beat the team-- and they could have beat them up there. But they wanted to get back in Glace Bay to win it before the home crowd, to elimi? nate Halifax before the home crowd, (rath? er) than doing it up there. Bill Sidney Man, you wouldn't believe. I used to have special clothes to fight in. I used to wear special clothes just to fight. It was--I mean--it was unbelievable, the ex? citement. Sydney and Glace Bay hated one another. We had riots everywhere we went. There used to be fights in the stands. I wouldn't call them riots. Like, the whole stand wasn't involved. But a certain part of the crowd would be involved. You'd be sitting on this side and you'd look over and see all this goings-on and fighting tjKflower vMol O'er 70 Stores & Services Sydney. N.S.. BIP 6S9 A & A Records 539-9753 Kinney Shoes 539-6045 A&W; 539-8070 L.A. Express 539-2841 Afterthoughts 539-1113 Lady Footlocker 539-4418 Aggies 562-0182 Leisure World 562-6098 Agnew 562-0183 Lotto Booth 539-0862 Antels 539-5889 Maher 539-6130 Big Steel 562-3236 Mappins 539-9752 Boutique Calliope 539-9915 Marks & Spencer 539-4060 Burkes Sound Centre 562-1986 Mug-Up 539-8883 CJ. Business • Naturalizer 539-3400 Waterbeds 562-6329 Orange Julius 564-0726 City Streets 539-1988 Panhandler 562-2311 Coles Book Store 539-1313 Peoples 539-9755 ??8881 Phone Centre 562-5005 Coronet Cards 539-9738 Radio Shack. Compositions 539-8 Coronet Cards 539-9 D'Allairds 539-C Dalmys 539-1814 Dapper Dan 539-7450 Dave's Island Pet Shop... 564-9887 Direct Film 539-8808 Dorlene 539-5556 Shoppers Drug Mart..... 539-5632 Faces 539-1949 Smart Set 539-8911 Reitmana 539-8679 Riverside Dry Cleaners .. 539-0013 Rudderhams Sport Shop 539-3644 Sentiment Shop 539-4943 Fairweather 539-5S Starcade 539-4442 Fashions Fancy 539-9198 Stone's Superior Footlocker 539-7080 Homes 564-9095 Head Shoppe 539-6650 Supertouch 564-9939 Highland Classic 564-2199 Suzy Shier 562-6545 Hudson Bay 539-8350 Thriftys 539-5453 It Store 539-4747 Tip Top Tailors 539-5805 Imperial Optical 564-8486 Toronto-Dominion Bank.. 539-0670 Jack Fraser/The Loft 539-9220 Town & Country 562-2204 Japan Camera 539-5040 Travel Agents Jaspers Family Restaurant International 539-9001 Treats 539-0111 Lounge 539-9909 Tridont Dental Centre 562-8600 Jean Depot 539-9190 WooIco 539-9330 Kids World 539-1700 Work World 562-7976 Management Office: 416-964-3600 Mayflower Mall Office: • General Inquiries/Leasing 539-0862 • After Hours Answering Service 539-0862 • Stroller Rental 539-0862 • Lost & Found Booth 539-0862 and banging on one part of the crowd. 'Cause the crowds were big, eh? So I wouldn't call them out-and-out riots, but I'd call them confrontations, certainly, that were quite visible for the crowd. Had to be escorted from the North Sydney Forum one night, onto the bus. And in Sydney I remember a horrible--a horrible, horrible episode one night. The place was sold out, and we were all fighting down in the aisles underneath. Oh, the emotions were unbeliev? able. And then they'd--you know, Sydney fans would come to Glace Bay. There was a hell of a rivalry. And there'd be trouble. You know, there was always some trouble. This Gordie Grant and I had a terrible one one night out in Glace Bay, where we rolled all the way down the stairs. And he got knocked out and we had to take him to the dressing room and revive him, and then back into it again. That's the kind of stuff that was going on! (All over hockey.) Well, there would be--I wouldn't want to emphasize that. But there were emotional feelings, you know, in each of the forums. It was relatively easy to get into trouble. Let's put it that way. If you would root a little too exuberantly for your team, it was not difficult to have to reciprocate physically!... He used to start fights and I'd have to finish them. That's how I used to get into trouble was over Gordie Grant. He used to start fights and somebody'd have to back him up.... The players would never be involved in this. It would be Gordie Grant, and myself, mainly, who were always involved in it. It was usually Gordie Grant who started it.... MIKE'S LUNCH - LICENSED ~ I Your Family Restaurant I Home Made Cooking I Eat In or Take Out Seating 100 People . OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK • OPPOSITE STERLING MALL 4 Sterling Road, GLACE BAY 849-1010
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