Page 85 - Glace Bay Cinderella Miners
ISSUE : Issue 51
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1989/2/1
10 or 20--if I hit someone real good, he'd come over and he'd give me 20 bucks. Or he'd come over and say, "If you can get that fel? low tonight, I've got 20 bucks for you." And I collected some money off him.... Speaking of Gordie Grant--he got barred from the rink, I'd say, more than anybody. Because he--one time in particular--there was a fellow...who used to referee the hockey games. He had a habit, like when there was an iced puck or something, he'd skate--instead of skating down the centre of the ice, he'd come right down along the boards just as hard as he could come. He was a bit of a showman, eh. And this particular night, he was making a couple of bad calls against us. And there was an iced puck, and he picked it up in the far end. And Gordie always used to sit handy the penalty box, because he was into all that. And if there was a fight or row, he'd be edging it on, or wanting to get it going. But (this referee) was coming down along the boards. I remember very well. And it was just like he hit a clothesline: Gordie reached out with the hand, the arm, and hit him under the'chin, eh! Never left a puff in him. But Gordie was barred then from the rink, I don't know for how many games. But they took him out and going to put him in jail, and he wasn't al? lowed back in the rink. But eventu? ally he'd come back, a week or two. He'd spend his time out, and he'd be back and he'd be just as bad as ever. And with Gordie, it wouldn't matter if he was in Halifax or wherever, if there was some trouble to be started, Gordie was usually there. But one thing about him: when he was behind you, or with you, he was with you 150%. He'd give it to you all. (So it wasn't just the players who were rough and ag? gressive.) No, no. And I remember (one fellow's) mother. She would go to the hockey games--and that time, pretty big crowds. She'd hate the referees. She'd hit Neilie MacMullin. Where they'd come off the ice, there was a place where they'd have to go through the fans. And a couple of nights she came down--she'd al? ways put something--a rock or something--in her purse. And when Neilie'd come in, if it was real bad, she'd clout him with the purse! And she'd hurt him pretty good with it eh, because it was just like a mallet! I remember her very well. She was a fine lady. And, like I say, she did that. And I know she did it; yes. But the best fans ever in the world, I think, were in Glace Bay. Ev? er. They followed you, they stayed with you. And if you gave them their style, and that was rough. And that's why I got along so Tour the world of fine cuisine at George's • intimate licensed dining room • Home cooked Greek, Italian, Canadian, and Mexican food • Delivery 4 pm • Mon.-Sat. 11 am Sun. 4 pm • Major credit cards 536 George St., Sydney, (across from Centre 200) Take-out & delivery call 539-8066 A Summertime Production Society Presentation A NEW MUSIC & COMEDY SHOW with MARCEL DOUCET STEVE GAETZ JOHN MOLLIS BERKLEY LAMEY BEHE MacDONALD MAX MacDONALD DORIS MASON MAYNARD MORRISON HEATHER RANKIN Musical Director LEON DUBINSKY Producer STEPHEN MacDONALD SUPPORTED BY May 31-June 4 Savoy Theatre Glace Bay June 7-11 Rebecca Cohn Halifax June 13 Truro June 14-15 Antigonish June 16-17 Port Hawkesbury June 19-24 Savoy Theatre Glace Bay CAPEBRETON And watch for a brand new show: "The Mabou Jig" starring The Ranl(in Famiiy Band ss
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